Farmers reap early rewards

JERSEY POST T20 Premier League Cricket made its long awaited summer start on Saturday, but not without the weather threatening to derail it.

OVs' Andy Dewhurst despairs as he is bowled out by Farmers' Rhys Palmer Picture: ROB CURRIE
OVs' Andy Dewhurst despairs as he is bowled out by Farmers' Rhys Palmer Picture: ROB CURRIE

Fortunately, the officials held their nerve and the teams completed a double-header of T20 games, with Farmers-Caesareans feeling most triumphant as the only ones to win two from two.

In the morning-lunchtime session at FB Fields, Rathbones Old Victorians were Farmers’ first victims, well-beaten by 83 runs. Jersey captain ‘Chuggy’ Perchard (47 not out), Julius Sumerauer (45) and Nick Ferraby (42) led the way, helping Farmers to 164 runs in the opening innings. It proved far too much for OVs, skittled out with less-than half the runs on the board within 17 overs.

Come the mid-afternoon, and Farmers hot-footed it over to Grainville looking to replicate their morning feat in their match-up against Walkovers. However, as the wind and drizzle picked up, it appeared, at one stage, as if Duckworth-Lewis was going to have to intervene in a match where the players’ bluster sometimes threatened to complement the conditions. Thankfully, both teams saw it through, though it never did Walkovers much favour to do so – finishing 71 runs short after Joel Dudley and Zak Tribe registered 83 and 82 respectively for Farmers.

Unfortunately, the Farmers loss would seal an empty weekend for Walkovers having also lost in their morning-lunchtime session at Grainville to St Ouen Springfield, who took confidence into their afternoon session against OVs at FB Fields. However, OVs proved to be much more formidable than in their earlier outing, thanks, in particular, to opener Corey Bisson who put on the batting performance of the day with an exemplary and exact century of runs. OVs finished their innings on 186 and that would be too much for SOS to handle, their response in the fine rain coming up short by 67.

Full report and reaction in Monday's JEP.

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