Five Sports to try out this summer

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Looking at the five best sports to try this summer

With the delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics underway, there is no better time to be inspired to try a new sport. Now is a great time to explore a new sport because many free trial classes are available throughout the summer months. Which one will you pick? What are the best games to try? Summer months are ideal for getting outside, breathing fresh air, and exercising your heart. Many national governing bodies of sport collaborate with local clubs to host try-it-out sessions so you can try something new. You don't need any prior experience, and you won't have to pay for any special equipment — show up and try it. Throughout the year, there are numerous events, many of which are free. Still, as already mentioned, the summer is the perfect time to get involved. So here you have it, five sports to try this summer.

1. Swimming - Swimming is a terrific way to be active in the water if you can't bear the thought of sweating it out on land on a hot summer day. Summer is the ideal season to increase your swimming time, whether you swim competitively, for exercise, or for fun. So take a dip in the local pool or beach.

2. Beach Volleyball - Volleyball is enjoyable in and of itself. But add some beach and sunshine, and you've got yourself a great time. Only a few players can usually fit on the smaller courts, which means it never gets dull because the ball is almost always heading your way. It's also fantastic to be able to make tremendous diving plays without having to pay the price of wallowing in the shower. Furthermore, this is a tremendous co-ed sport to participate in.

3. Cricket - Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally because it is a sedentary sport. There isn't much running involved, and all you have to do to protect yourself from the sun is wear a hat. But, of course, I'm speaking of recreational cricket played with a tennis ball. When playing with a real cricket ball, the batsman must wear various padding and protection, which can be very uncomfortable in hot weather.

4. Skateboarding - Roller sports are an excellent way to improve coordination and balance. You and the kids can all get out together and practice your abilities, whether you're on a skateboard, roller skates, rollerbladers, or a scooter. Flat, smooth surfaces are ideal for all types of skating, so look around your neighbourhood for the finest options. You might also look for an indoor location; many sports centres offer roller disco sessions for children aged four and up.

5. Tennis - Tennis may be played at any time of year if you have access to an indoor court. On the other hand, outdoor play is fantastic, especially if you can find some friendly competition. Spend even half an hour on the court, and you'll see how effective it is as a workout.

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