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Pony Club members were recently able to take part in a jumping event with a difference at Le Marais indoor riding centre, with results determined by faults over courses as well as the style of their performance.

Classes provided a mix of show jumps and natural obstacles including a brush and a water tray.

Heights started at 30 to 40 centimetres, continuing to just under a metre. Winners were Beau Richardson on Alaw, Amelia Dimond on Posie, Molly Macready on Jojo, Amelia Haydon on Louis and Issy Wrigley on Tobbies.

A combine training competition with dressage and show jumping sections was also held this month.


Jump and style – Class 1, 30 to 40 cm: 1, Beau Richardson (Alaw); 2, Isabelle Hefford-McCutcheon (Speckled Red Pepper); 3, Nigella Radcliffe (Charlie).

Class 2, 45 to 55 cm: 1, Amelia Dimond (Posie); 2, Georgia Duncan (Flying Sunbeam); 3, Beau Richardson (Alaw).

Class 3, 60 to 70 cm: 1, Molly Macready (Jojo); 2, Olivia Messervy (Angel); 3, Poppy Watson (Jasmine).

Class 4, 75 to 85 cm: 1, Amelia Haydon (Louis); 2, Jemima Finlay (Clover); 3, Tally Kershaw (Sunny).


Class 5, 90 to 95 cm: 1, Issy Wrigley (Tobbies); 2, Natalia De Putron (Tori); 3, Jemima Finlay (Clover).

Combine training – 85 to 90 cm: 1, Sophie Cawley (My Romeo); , 2, Sophie Cawley (Westwinds Knightrider); 3, Issy Wrigley (Tobbies Deux).

65 to 70 cm: 1, Jayme Latham (Cefndu Euros); 2, Katie Taylor (Bonnie); 3, Poppy Watson (Jasmine).

50 to 55 cm: 1, Amelia Dimond (Ronnie); 2, Beau Richardson (Alaw); 3, Grace Stewart (Bernie).

Cross-poles: 1, Nigella Radcliffe (Charlie); 2, Amber Webster (Bilko).


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