Politicians with grave doubts should be brave and speak up

Letter to the Editor from Mike Pitman, St Helier

Overdale Hospital. Picture: JON GUEGAN. (30685251)
Overdale Hospital. Picture: JON GUEGAN. (30685251)

GRAHAM Boxall’s letter (JEP 8 April) about the ‘sunk-cost fallacy’ and its distortion in decision-making highlighted the inability of those involved in decision-making to change their minds or admit that they were wrong.

I have been told by two different States Members that as many as ten or 12 politicians who voted for Overdale without one word of debate may now be ruing that vote. However, not one of them has the courage of these new-found convictions to stand up and be recounted, as it were.

I am certain that were just one of these Damascene conversions to be made public, then several more might well find the courage to stand up and be recounted too.

It is also being suggested that the hospital funding debate is being delayed further until September, which might suggest that there are no firm funding plans to bring to the House yet. Despite this, Senator Lyndon Farnham is out-and-about with an open carnet of signed cheques, snapping up property all over Westmount. As I keep saying ad nauseam, are voters aware of just how much their taxes are going to have to rise to pay for the States current grandiose spending plans, let alone the costs of Covid?

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