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Krysta Eaves tests a new beauty procedure - involving electricity

Electricity and a pampering session do not seem to go hand in hand.

In fact, when someone uses the words ‘electrical current’ and ‘face’ in the same sentence, for me it brings to mind a spy being tortured by a criminal overlord determined to extract state secrets.

So when I heard about the Cinetic Skin Specific Facial being offered at The Spa at The Club Hotel & Spa, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

But in the name of science – and after practicing my very best James Bond impression – I decided to give it a go.

And that is how I found myself lying on a bed in a cosy, darkened treatment room, in the hands of friendly spa manager Atlanta Naughton.

Despite Atlanta’s explanation of what was to come, after seeing the futuristic machine that she would be using during the treatment – which included mesh gloves that are used to pass an electrical current through the face – I was still slightly nervous.

However, the 90-minute process started off well, with my face being gently cleansed, followed by a mini face massage. So far so good, I thought, as I started to relax – so much so that I didn’t realise when Atlanta had started the next stage of the treatment.

Wearing the mesh gloves she slowly began to massage my face. The microcurrent that flows through the gloves are said to work on facial muscles, increase tissue firmness and help to re-oxygenate cells. Most importantly, despite my initial fears, the process was painless. In fact, it was so relaxing that it was hard not to drift off to sleep.


Next came the ultrasound part of the process, which is said to cleanse and purify the skin, tighten pores, as well as increase the skin’s radiance. Not a short order, especially as my skin has gone through a battering this winter what with the cold weather and strong winds.

After putting yet another lovely smelling lotion over my face, Atlanta went over my skin using an instrument that is about the size of a pen. Again, it did not hurt –in fact, I didn’t feel much at all to be honest, although in one spot close to my mouth I felt an odd sensation as if my jaw was twitching involuntarily. However, apart from feeling slightly strange, the sensation lasted only moments.

Atlanta then placed yet another lotion on my skin – to be honest, I lost track of all the different smelling creams that were used – before she carried out the last part of the facial, the LED lights.

If someone was to say they were going to shine lights in your face, you’d be completely within your rights to think you were going to be subjected to an intense interrogation.


However, due to the very fetching goggles I was wearing – which make you look a bit like a frog – I wasn’t blinded and didn’t feel compelled to disclose any top secrets. Depending on your skin type, the therapist tailors the lights to benefit your complexion. Blue lights are said to be purifying, yellow, brightening and red, regenerating.

When the treatment finished – the 90 minutes honestly flew by – I was in a deep state of relaxation. My skin was very shiny for several hours afterwards, but this is not unusual after having a facial.

The next day my boyfriend commented that I had a lovely glow, and even a week later, when I saw my Mum, she said my skin looked amazing.

So perhaps rather than using torture in the future, baddies should pamper spies into submission with a Cinetic Skin Specific Facial instead.

Krysta Eaves

By Krysta Eaves


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