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Results of the Deputies' elections as they happened. See Thursday's Jersey Evening Post for full reports, reactions, analysis and pictures.

Deputies of St Helier No 3

10.45 pm

Newcomer Richard Rondel, a farmer and director of Rondels Farm Shop, is a new Deputy in St Helier No 3 District. He will join Deputies Jackie Hilton, who topped the poll, Andrew Green and Mike Higgins, who retained their seats.

• Deputy Jackie Hilton: 1,941

• Deputy Andrew Green: 1,924

• Richard Rondel: 1,870

• Deputy Mike Higgins: 1,464

• Suzette Hase: 1,158


• Ray Shead: 799

• Ted Vibert: 865

• Denise Carroll: 874

Deputy of St Ouen


10.40 pm

Deputy James Reed (55), the current Education Minister, easily retained the seat he first gained in 2002.

• Deputy James Reed: 808

• Chris Lamy: 322

• Alan Le Quesne:294

• Cliff Le Clercq: 253

Deputies of St Helier No 2

10.05 pm

Senator Terry Le Main (72), who has served the States since 1978 both as Deputy and Senator, has lost his seat, placing fourth in the St Helier No 2 District election. Former teacher and independent financial adviser Rod Bryans (58), who narrowly missed out in 2008, topped the poll and will join sitting Deputies Shona Pitman and Geoff Southern, who both retained their seats.

• Rod Bryans: 763

• Deputy Shona Pitman:743

• Deputy Geoff Southern: 694

• Senator Terry Le Main: 593

• Deputy Debbie De Sousa: 579

• Hugh Raymond: 430

• Bernie Manning: 282

Deputies of St Helier No 1

9.56 pm

Entrepreneur James Baker (39), the son of a former St Helier Constable, has topped the poll in St Helier No 1 District where Deputy Paul Le Claire has lost his seat. Mr Baker will join sitting Deputies Trevor Pitman, whom he beat by four votes, and Judy Martin who both retained their seats.

• James Baker: 767

• Deputy Trevor Pitman: 763

• Deputy Judy Martin: 717

• Deputy Paul Le Claire: 700

• Nick Le Cornu: 571

• Keith Shaw: 482

• Mary O'Keeffe-Burgher: 331

• Gino Risoli: 178

Deputies of St Brelade No 1

9.50 pm

After a recount, former chief officer at Planning John Young (65) has been elected as the new Deputy in St Brelade No 1 District. Sitting Deputy Angela Jeune, first elected three years ago, has lost her seat.

• John Young: 339

• Margaret Holland Prior: 306

• Jeff Hathaway: 285

• Deputy Angela Jeune: 276

Deputies of St Brelade No 2

9.40 pm

The two sitting Deputies in St Brelade No 2 have been re-elected.

• Deputy Sean Power: 1,491

• Deputy Montfort Tadier: 1,428

• Mervyn Le Masurier:1,327

Deputies of St Clement

9.41 pm

Businesswoman and first-time candidate Susie Pinel (53) and former St Clement Deputy Gerard Baudains are the two new Deputies in St Clement. It means sitting Deputy Anne Dupré has lost the seat she gained three years ago.

• Susie Pinel: 1,314

• Gerard Baudains: 979

• David Cabeldu: 712

• Simon Brée: 710

• Deputy Anne Dupré: 679

• Peter Ward: 315

Deputies of St Saviour No 1

9.31 pm

The two sitting Deputies in St Saviour No 1 District have been re-elected by a comfortable margin over their challengers.

• Deputy Rob Duhamel: 773

• Deputy Jeremy Maçon: 641

• Hedi Green: 462

• Isabella Lewis: 400

Deputy of St Peter

9.25 pm

Former journalist and first-time candidate Kristina Moore (36) is the new Deputy of St Peter. She has beaten Wayne Le Marquand, the grandson of former Constable 'W P' Le Marquand.

• Kristina Moore: 1,169

• Wayne Le Marquand: 589

Deputies of St Saviour No 2

9.15 pm

The two Deputies of St Saviour No 2 District have been re-elected by a comfortable margin over their challenger.

• Deputy Kevin Lewis: 732

• Deputy Tracey Vallois: 680

• Shelley Rose: 387

Deputy of St Martin

9.10 pm

Bob Hill, who has been a States Member since 1993, has lost his St Martin Deputy seat to retired farmer Steve Luce.

• Steve Luce: 1,008

• Deputy Bob Hill: 709

Deputy of Grouville

9 pm

Carolyn Labey (51) has been re-elected as Deputy in Grouville, having served for nine years in that post. She beat challenger Dominic Jones (47), a lawyer and director of Jersey Pottery.

• Deputy Carolyn Labey: 1,075

• Dominic Jones: 843

Deputy of St John

8.50 pm

Patrick Ryan, who has previously served two terms as Deputy in St Helier, has been elected Deputy in his home parish of St John.

• Patrick Ryan: 528

• Andrew Lewis: 437

• David Ward: 205

Deputy of St Saviour No 3

8.45 pm

Deputy Roy Le Hérissier (67), who has represented St Saviour No 3 since 1999, has been re-elected by a comfortable margin.

• Deputy Roy Le Hérissier: 764

• Charlie Gouyet: 245

Deputy of St Mary

8.38 pm

In the first result of the evening, Former Centenier John Le Bailly (62) has been elected as Deputy of St Mary to replace Daniel Wimberley.

• John Le Bailly: 291

• David Johnson: 246

• Ray Cooper: 159

•See Thursday's Jersey Evening Post for full reports, reactions, analysis and pictures

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