Starting the journey to sustainability

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Eco Jersey, St John's Recreation Ground. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (31355869)
Eco Jersey, St John's Recreation Ground. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (31355869)

FAIRWAY Group wants sustainability to be at the heart of everything we do, whether that is for our colleagues, our clients or in our community.

All new joiners are given reusable tote bags to cut down on the need for single-use plastic when in town, while water bottles and KeepCups are provided for when we can share a coffee again.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible for our colleagues to make a difference by providing recycling facilities within our headquarters as well as dedicated cycling facilities to encourage less use of cars for commuting.

We are also encouraging them to think about other ways of being sustainable with initiatives like Plastic Free Jersey and Eco Active, as well as the wellbeing advantages of being in nature and looking after our environment.

Our chief executive, Louise, has been known to pick up litter from the road on her way into the office and her action has highlighted how easy it is for us to discard rubbish without any thought, which is why we are getting involved in this year’s Parish Clean-Up and supporting ecoJersey.

This is just the start of our journey to being a more sustainable business. We have much more to do but we are putting in place the foundations of our environmental strategy to ensure our island remains a beautiful place for us all to enjoy.

‘It was great to see so many volunteers’

By Andy Jehan, Constable of St John

ST John was delighted to participate in the JEP Parish Clean Up event. Uncertain what the level of take up would be, it was great to welcome some 63 people, including many youngsters, to the event.

While many of the volunteers were individuals and families, we also had volunteers from the football club, the skate park club, the Youth Project, Ronez and the church.

This type of community event demonstrates the commitment that there is for both the parish and the environment. Sadly, we collected far more than I had expected during the two hours that people were out for.

We also launched our Adopt a Lane scheme on the same day and have had a terrific response. My thanks to Natalie Smart who is co-ordinating this scheme for us.

The idea is that people who walk regularly will keep an eye on their adopted lane. Over 75% of the lanes have already been taken but we still have room for more volunteers to help in this area and further information is available from the Parish Hall.

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who helped us with the Parish Clean Up as well as extend my thanks to those who have since come forward to adopt a lane.

We look forward to participating in future events of this type and, in the meantime, please do what you can to keep our parish and the Island looking at its best

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