Have you gone plastic-free with your local Co-op Grand Marché?

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LAST year we launched a refill station in our flagship Jersey store, which features more than 40 plastic-free products.

The refill station is an exciting addition to our store and helps us, and you, to reduce the amount of plastic which leaves our store and ends up in your home.

We know our members want fewer plastic-wrapped items, so we listened. The refill station includes a whole range of cupboard staples such as flour, rice, pasta, pulses, grains, dried fruit and cereals. It is super easy to use and will significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

All you need to do is:

• Bring in your own reusable container.

• Weigh and label your empty container.

• Fill your container with the product of your choice.

• Scan your label, select the product on the scales and reweigh your container.

• Place your new label over the first.

• You’re done! Now you just need to pay for your items at the checkout.

Whether you are looking to start making this year’s Christmas pudding, want to try home-made muesli, or feel like indulging in a butternut squash tagine, then our refill station has everything you need.

You can also find lots of recipe ideas on our website at channelislands.coop/refillstation.

And we are even stamping down on the amount of plastic bags leaving our stores too…

We now have reusable bag bins in both our Grand Marché St Helier and Grand Marché St Peter stores. We want to encourage our customers to pick up a preloved carrier bag rather than buy a new one every time they shop with us. It is really important that we reduce the amount of carrier bags leaving our stores and our bag bins are a great way to encourage that.

The bag bins are located at our till points in the two Grand Marchés. All you need to do is pick up as many bags as you need, but remember, if you do pick one up, you need to reuse it as much as you can or return it as you found it. That way we can give it more life.

And ahead of changes being made this year in Jersey, which could see the Island become the first place in the British Isles to ban single-use plastic carrier bags, we have increased the price of our Bags for Life from 10p per bag to 15p per bag. We hope this change in price will encourage you to use your bags time and time again.

These are just some of the changes we are making to help reduce plastic in our stores and limit our impact on the local environment. We have also taken steps to make sure all our own-brand teabags are plastic free, we have swapped the polystyrene in our own-brand pizza boxes to cardboard, exchanged plastic stems on our cotton buds to paper and we have committed to making sure that as many Co-op own-brand products as possible come in recyclable packaging.

Find out more by visiting our website – channelislands.coop.

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