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ON the Marbral Advisory website it says ‘we rip up your rule book and give you a new one’ and this confident, pioneering delivery style is something the company has become renowned for.

Marbral Advisory works with organisations in change and believes in leaving behind an imprint of quality and success on all clients. This is why they forge long-term relationships with their clients from all industries including financial, legal, government, logistics, technology, utilities and construction.

However, you will not often hear too much about their work, as they are predominantly engaged on a range of highly sensitive and confidential projects. Nevertheless, their imprint on the communities within which they deliver change is visible and impactful. One of Marbral’s project managers, Alistair Le Ruez, demonstrated this simply when he referenced one of his projects in the health sector and said: ‘Our project saved lives.’

Just like all industries, the consultancy world was shaken and uprooted by the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the disruption soon galvanised Marbral’s change and project managers into action, both to support and lead the Covid-19 effort in a number of jurisdictions.

Principal change architect Dawn Rutherford says: ‘The past year and a half working on Covid-19-related projects has been all at once exhausting, emotional and rewarding. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing and inspirational people in both the public and private sectors, seeing first-hand everyone working together to achieve a common goal: the safety of the Island and its community.’

The leader at the helm of Marbral Advisory, Leonie McCrann, has had her eyes set firmly on the wellbeing of her team. While working on her own transformational projects for clients, she has also developed a wellbeing strategy and programme for the business and developed new innovative products.

Leonie says: ‘The leaders who forge ahead right now will be the ones who have their sights set on their most valuable asset – their people. In times of crisis, leaders need to focus on engagement, motivation, physical and mental health, security and communication. Well people with purpose, drive productivity and growth are a win-win.’

While not all of Marbral’s projects require superheroes, the more technical projects can be just as fundamental. One of Marbral Advisory’s project managers has been working on a digital modernisation project, which is totally revolutionising the court system. Through the modernisation of existing processes and the procurement and implementation of new technology, they are making a justice system that is accessible to all and will ultimately reduce case time and cost.

Likewise, in the finance sector, Marbral Advisory have been making a profound difference with projects ranging from implementing pioneering sustainable finance regulation, to solving major IT issues.

The latter project has resulted in a manual cash-management system being replaced with an automated system across multiple jurisdictions, enabling the liquidity of the organisation to be fully met. The project has now resulted in a reduced workload for the internal team, allowing them to focus on more profitable activity.

Finding efficiencies, whether through process, technology or people, is an area of expertise for Marbral Advisory. A number of their consultants are former financial directors and accountants and this background, coupled with project and change management qualifications and experience, delivers an expert blend.

Stuart Ingledew, principal change architect for Marbral Advisory, delivered an efficiencies and service improvement project for a global bank reviewing structure, financials, service levels, performance, policy adherence, operational risk and governance, efficiency and delivery.

The results included a reduction in operational losses by 75% and the realisation of over £500,000 in cost savings. The client base grew by more than 20% during this period. However, scalability allowed this to be met without the need for any additional resources.

Stuart says: ‘Business efficiency is a concept that every business should be aware of and be actively working to understand how it can be improved and then measuring the results. These measures can be purely financial such as determining profits, ROI etc but, more wholly, should include a strong awareness of staff wellbeing and engagement and operational aspects relating to procedural enhancement, infrastructure and technology.’

Part of the DNA of Marbral Advisory is to ensure that all consultants leave behind a legacy when they exit a project. This is often achieved through upskilling the internal team while on assignment, ensuring that they can continue to reap the rewards long after the change manager has left.

It can involve specific training, which is something Marbral Advisory excels in, both in face-to-face and digital formats. The company works with clients to develop bespoke training and e-learning modules to assist with all aspects of team training from regulatory modules, such as AML and GDPR, to technology refreshers on topics such as cyber security and AI.

Taking dry policies and procedures and turning them into interactive, gamified e-learning is a company specialty and has vastly enhanced team understanding and compliance for a variety of clients.

The agility of Marbral to adapt and change sets a prime example to their clients. New products and service lines are constantly in development, as they expand their team and expertise. Latest innovations include work in regulatory consulting, the launch of their CSR project, The Change Project, and a significant amount of work into corporate wellbeing alongside their partners We Talk Wellbeing.

The Marbral Advisory mantra is: ‘We make change wanted, happen and stick.’ The change they have empowered, particularly over the past year during times of global turmoil, will certainly stick in the minds of many for years to come.

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