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HSBC talks to two team members about the world of opportunity they have discovered working for the bank

Candida Collar, area director, HSBC Expat, Jersey

You’ve worked for a range of financial services organisations, including HSBC. What made you return to the bank?

Career opportunities and culture. I’ve always respected HSBC’s culture and the values of putting their clients at the heart of everything they do. There’s a huge sense of teamwork and succeeding together and they really do value difference in both their colleagues and clients, which is extremely important to me as a manager of high-net-worth wealth advisers, dealing with clients who each have a unique set of needs.

What’s a typical day like for you?

It’s incredibly varied. I’m working with colleagues and clients in the Channel Islands and all around the world, from the United Arab Emirates, Americas, Asia and everywhere in between. I love working with expat clients as I get to hear and learn about lots of different locations and, no matter how frequently they move, our service for them is constant and I know it’s something they really appreciate.

How would you describe the breadth of career opportunities at HSBC?

Very extensive. It’s why I’ve worked with HSBC for 19 years, covering almost all of the UK in over 50 branch locations and now living and working in the beautiful island of Jersey. During that time, I’ve had several roles within personal and commercial banking, including running a sales team in the West End of London, financial adviser, support practitioner, wealth coach, sales manager and now an area director within International Markets.

It’s often the case that until you work for a company you don’t necessarily realise the range of career opportunities that are available and that was certainly the case for me at HSBC.

Can you have a varied and extensive career based in Jersey?

Absolutely, yes. There’s a whole range of jobs from entry level to the most senior of management roles. HSBC is excellent at mentoring and helping you fulfil your career dreams and aspirations. They’re an incredibly supportive employer. Of course, if you do want to travel the world there are endless opportunities with the bank but you can have an equally fulfilling career from Jersey.

What makes HSBC a standout employer?

Their flexible working is fantastic, enabling you to work hours that suit you and the business, with a mixture of home and office work. It’s a practice they live and breathe and have done so since before the pandemic.


Connor Jackson, high-net-worth premier wealth manager, Hong Kong

How would you describe your career journey at HSBC?

Stratospheric. I’m from Jersey and started working in the customer contact centre after I finished college. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how to get my career started. A friend recommended working for HSBC and I’m very grateful they did. As soon as I started working for the bank it became very apparent how much they support you in terms of your career and I’ve never looked back.

Did you know relocation was possible?

From day one, you’re working with colleagues and customers who are based all around the world so I very quickly became aware that global opportunities were available to me and it was something that I instantly knew I wanted to explore.

However, I know that travel and relocation aren’t possible for everyone and, if I had wanted to stay in Jersey, I could have had an equally fulfilling and extensive career. If you can travel though, the bank quite literally opens up a world of opportunity for you. My career with HSBC is essentially helping me travel the world. I’m in Hong Kong now, next stop, who knows? Possibly Dubai.

How would you describe HSBC as an employer?

Supportive and caring. In addition to helping you with your career, wellbeing is extremely important to HSBC, as is embracing diversity. It’s also a really fun company with lots of sports and social activities. And people here care about each other and the community; we do lots of volunteering and fundraising.

What is your advice for someone considering a career in finance?

I would strongly recommend HSBC. Even if you hadn’t considered the finance sector for your career, there are also careers in marketing, law, HR and IT – they all flourish at HSBC. I wouldn’t be in Hong Kong right now if it wasn’t for the bank. I know that when I’m ready to return to Jersey, there are fantastic career opportunities waiting for me.

What didn’t you know about HSBC before you started working for them?

HSBC University. Yes, that’s right, HSBC has an online university that’s populated with thousands of courses in finance, communications, marketing, law, wellbeing, mental health, coaching, compliance, leadership, digital innovation and so much more. They’re very keen on helping you keep your skills up-to-date, especially with a forward-looking digital focus.

Career, learning and people support is something that HSBC does very well.

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