Why study at Jersey’s new Digital Academy?

Co-founder Susana Rowles says Jersey now offers young people great opportunities to study skills essential to building a successful career at the heart of a burgeoning and dynamic tech community.

Susana Rowles
Susana Rowles

Your successful career starts with the Digital Leadership Programme.

As crossroads in life go, the junction at which further education ends and life’s open road ahead beckons has got to be one of the most exciting. But it can also, quite frankly, be a pretty scary moment.

In normal times there’s that question of whether to opt for work, for training or for more education. If it’s the education route there’s the ‘home or away’ option of where to study. And then there’s the question of what exactly it is you want to learn in the first place.

Follow your passion but learn stuff that may not land you the perfect job, or go down the route of learning stuff employers want while lacking that spark to keep your interest fired up?

And all that’s before you throw in the small matter of a pandemic, and suddenly an already crazy crossroads looks like somewhere nobody would want to travel right now.

Thankfully, here in Jersey, there is a unique degree-equivalent course that ticks more boxes than you might imagine. You get to study on the Island but in the heart of a digital campus. You get to learn skills that employers are desperately looking for. And you get to play to your passions as the two years of full-time or part-time study combine essential academic learning with proper hands-on practical project work.

The Digital Leadership Programme is delivered from the Digital Jersey Academy in St Helier, positioned right next to the Digital Jersey Hub, meaning you’re physically based at the beating heart of the Island’s tech community.

It’s a course which has been built from the ground up to fill a skills gap that exists in Jersey right now. Put quite simply, graduates of the Digital Leadership Programme leave with a very special set of skills that employers are looking for in the people they take on. There aren’t enough people with those skills, which means with this qualification you become an incredibly attractive option for the growing number of digital businesses in the Island.

You’ll learn the whole tech side of the equation, from coding and app development to data analytics and other essential skills that are in huge demand right now.

But, alongside that, you’ll be delving deep into the creative side of the industry, including video production, digital marketing, and communication skills designed to make you stand out from the crowd.

And, to achieve all that, you’ll be taught in state-of-the-art facilities that are the envy of teaching institutions around the world, including a lecture suite, podcast studio and video production stage. You won’t just be learning the theory, you’ll be getting hands on to put those ideas into practice.

The Digital Leadership Programme works with globally renowned brands and businesses to develop real-world projects for you to work on as the course progresses. It means your practical project work is rooted in reality, bringing to life products, services and ideas that really can make a difference to the world, because what you’re doing is for real.

There are already thousands of people working in Jersey’s tech sector, and it’s a growing part of the Island’s economy. That is, it’s growing in size but also growing in importance. Study after study shows businesses across all sectors are finding ways to embed technology and digital-thinking into their work, so a workforce that is digitally-savvy and digitally-skilled is only going to get more important.

And those trends aren’t just happening in Jersey so, whether your ultimate ambitions are to be working on the Island or elsewhere, you’ll be equipping yourself with a suite of skills those employers want right now.

From day one of your time on the Digital Leadership Programme you’ll begin building your own professional network, as the digital campus is where you’ll come face-to-face with the many business leaders, entrepreneurs and start-up innovators who are choosing Jersey as their base. Just as they use the Digital Jersey Hub as a focal point for meeting like-minded people to make fresh connections, problem solve, and collaborate on new and exciting projects, so will you.

The Digital Leadership Programme is about combining technology and creativity, while allowing you to specialise in specific areas of passion or interest during the course of your two years of learning and doing. But, equally, if you simply don’t know where you expect this exciting journey to take you, keeping your learning broad is equally valid and encouraged.

In all case, graduates leave with those in-demand skills, and get to do so from the heart of Jersey’s digital campus.

Applications are open right now for the autumn 2020 intake. Visit digitalleadership.je to find out more, register your interest, and take the first step towards a successful and rewarding digital career.

You may be at a crossroads in life, but the journey ahead can be enriching and rewarding with the Digital Leadership Programme.

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