Studying at Jersey's Digital Academy: ‘I want to have relevant skills’

Jamie Jackson


‘This year has been an interesting one with Covid-19. I suppose having to do most things at home has been interesting. It hasn’t affected schooling too much – I’ve still been working away.

‘I am looking forward to getting out and back into schooling, and not only that but into the Digital Jersey Academy.

‘The reason why I chose to study on the DLP is because the skills that I’ll learn will equip me very well for the fast-changing world that we live in now. Especially as things are changing – automation is happening really rapidly and so I want to have the skills to be in industries that will require those skills and have relevant skills.

‘I think that’s what appealed to me about it – it is so broad and different to what you usually expect from a standard university degree.

‘I think I chose this over a typical university degree because firstly, people that I’ve talked to haven’t really set university up well for me – they said “oh, I went and studied so and so and I’m doing something completely different now”. And also, I always wanted, if I had to go to university, to come out with a vocational degree – something that would be practical.

‘So knowing that this is specifically aimed at jobs that will be coming up in the future and relevant, and jobs in the present right now, I think that’s why I chose it over a more typical route.

‘The facilities are brilliant. I really like the fact that it’s small but it’s got everything it needs to teach what needs to be taught.

‘And the fact that it’s all up to date and relevant for what’s needed in the world of work nowadays. I like the chilled feel as well – everybody seems really chill and from what I’ve found it’s a very welcoming atmosphere and very family-like and I like that.’

Jordan Fajardo

Jordan Fajardo (28979455)

‘My school career ended so abruptly and I feel like the years that I’ve studied for and endless nights of revising has just come to an end because of Covid-19. I felt like there was going to be some sort of big finale but it just ended so abruptly.

‘I feel like the reason why I chose the DLP is because within the two-year course I’m able to learn skills in different areas of digital whether it be web development, looking at the theory or just basically learning all the skills required for me to succeed in a career in that field.

‘The programme for me feels more accessible since I’m here living with my mum. I’m looking at other courses and universities and I feel like it’s such a jump to go over to uni and start a course for three to four years and stick to it. The Digital Leadership Programme here has everything that I want to do to succeed in a career in media, designing, helping with companies and I think it will be an enjoyable time.

‘There isn’t any particular downside to studying in Jersey. The upsides really are, particularly in the academy here, the facilities and the equipment that they have. There’s a growing industry in Jersey and there’s loads of potential to get into careers in there and I think Jersey in general is a great place to study.

‘The reason why I chose the Digital Leadership Programme was because I have a particular passion towards design and I feel like the course here has what it takes for me to pursue that passion. Here in the academy I’m offered the chance of working with media production and graphic design, web development and I feel like that’s one place that I want to pursue in.

‘There’s a lot of things that I’m really keen to use in the academy here. I want to be using the film equipment, the podcast room and I guess the people, just talk to them and see their thoughts on their experience really and understand more about the industry itself.’

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