Should I join the Internet of Things?

Is joining the Internet of Things a good idea for my business?

Nicolle Maltwood, ecosystem manager, Barclays Eagle Lab (26186665)
Nicolle Maltwood, ecosystem manager, Barclays Eagle Lab (26186665)

Nicolle Maltwood, ecosytem manager, Barclays Eagle Lab, replies:

‘ANYTHING that can be connected, will be connected.’

That’s the way the world is going – thanks to the introduction of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). This concept involves connecting virtually any device to the internet, in order to give it greater functionality. Current products range from lights and heating systems to doorbells, nanny cams and even your fridge.

But IoT doesn’t just apply to consumer products, it’s also an interesting area for businesses. Used properly, the IoT allows businesses to monitor their operation in real time, giving them insights, offering new revenue opportunities and even acting as the foundation for some exciting start-ups.

Here are my top tips for those considering the introduction of IoT:

1. Even though IoT seems like it has been around for years now, it’s still a work in progress. Many still have security concerns, and some believe that connecting all your devices to the web will give hackers more opportunities to access your information.

2. IoT has already been proven to work on a large scale. Agricultural, wholesale delivery and in fact a lot of businesses with company vehicles have begun introducing technology to monitor different aspects from their fleet. Everything from live locations to engine performance can be tracked and analysed.

3. This concept has huge potential, but it can still help on the small scale. Say you’re on your way to a meeting and there’s traffic. If your car has access to your calendar and phone it could send a text to the person you’re meeting notifying them that you’ll be late.

If you’re interested to find out more about IoT and what it could offer your business, drop into the Jersey Eagle Lab located within the Jersey Library.

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