Jersey's mobile phone masts pass safety check

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EMISSIONS from Jersey’s mobile masts remain within safe limits, an independent audit has found.

The annual audit, commissioned by the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority, was carried out by independent experts Freshwave in September when they visited 15 sites in urban and rural locations.

All were found to be well below the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection’s safety limits.

JCRA technical case officer Robin Hogge said that consumer demand for mobile services had to be balanced with the need for them to operate at a level safe for all Islanders and the environment.

“We remain committed to ensuring that our telecoms sector is well regulated, competitive, and delivering innovation.

“We are pleased that the latest results maintain the historical trend of low emissions, and we would like to thank the operators for their continued co-operation with this testing and for ensuring their sites comply with ICNIRP guidelines,” he said.

“We intend to continue with monitoring selected sites on an annual basis as an important aspect of our work.”

Details on the mast audit testing with a link to the website for reports on all the sites in Jersey, including previous audits carried out, are published at