Driver (59) on wrong side of road was ‘rushing for appointment’


A 59-YEAR-OLD man has admitted careless driving – but said he did it because he was running late for a doctor’s appointment.

During the incident, Louis Jouault ended up travelling on the wrong side of the road on Route de la Haule.

St Brelade Centenier Amanda Wright said the offence took place at 2pmon 20 July, when Jouault, who was driving a Range Rover, pulled out of his lane in order to overtake a car, but found there was a cyclist in front of it.

Unable to pull back into his own lane, he continued on the wrong side, and drove along the right-hand side of a traffic island that bore a large ‘Keep left’ sign.

A police patrol noticed him and stopped him – no one was injured.

Jouault said: ‘I’m sorry. The traffic was moving very slowly and I was late for a doctor’s appointment.’

Relief Magistrate Sarah Fitz imposed a fine of £800.