Interviews with high-profile Island women released online

A SERIES of interviews featuring high-profile Islanders has been released to mark International Women’s Day.

Becky Sheeran (30386003)
Becky Sheeran (30386003)

The campaign, launched by Jersey-based talent management agency Sheeran Perry, is designed to encourage discussion on how to support the ‘interests, passions and needs’ of young women and girls.

Sheeran Perry was set up by YouTuber and former BBC presenter Becky Sheeran with the aim of boosting the profiles and careers of up-and-coming influencers, including those in Jersey. To mark International Women’s Day, seven video interviews were released on Instagram yesterday afternoon, featuring female influencers and business owners discussing some of the challenges they face as women.

‘We wanted to create a day where we could talk openly about the really important issues that are still happening to women all over the world,’ said Miss Sheeran. ‘The interviews aim to raise awareness of what those issues are – whether that is style, confidence, business, to working in a man’s world or gender inequality – all things that still exist.’

The videos, which were pre-recorded last week, comprise 15-minute interviews and discussions from UK influencers and businesses owners alongside local talent – including The Real Housewives of Jersey stars Hedi Green, Ashley Cairney and Mia Ledbury; farmer Becky Houzé; artist Abigail Overland and pilates instructor Grace Hurry.

‘They will be talking about topics including women trolling women, pressures to have the perfect body, mental-health issues they have faced and challenges in their life,’ said Miss Sheeran. ‘Becky Houzé joins a lady in the UK, who spearheads designing robots, talking about the difficulties of being a woman working in a male-dominated industry. Becky speaks about how she finds being a female farmer in Jersey and what she has done to try to support other women in the Island.

‘Meanwhile, Hedi and Ashley talk about the pressures on women’s bodies, what is the ideal body image and how changes can be made to the television industry to make it more inclusive,’ added Miss Sheeran. ‘They speak about the pressures women face on television and what they’ve experienced being in the public eye through filming the Real Housewives of Jersey. ‘In another video, Grace Hurry – an influencer and pilates instructor – and Abigail Overland – an illustrator in Jersey – talk about the pressures of running a business alongside the pressures of motherhood.

‘We set up the agency to be different and to do things like this – that won’t make us any money, but are so important when it comes to empowering women and girls. Having a large social media following comes with quite a lot of responsibility but it can enable you to do so much good in the world. We wanted to encourage the influencers to use their following for good, championing these amazing days and discussing important issues.’

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