Community service for manager who sold stolen mobile phones

A SENIOR manager at a telecoms company who stole mobile phones and sold them to unsuspecting customers has been sentenced to 180 hours of community service.


The Royal Court heard yesterday that James Baker (39) could have faced a prison sentence, but five years had elapsed since the thefts.

Crown Advocate Matthew Maletroit, prosecuting, said that in 2015 a customer bought four phones from the defendant – one for himself, one for his wife and two for two friends – after being told Baker was able to obtain them at a discount. The customer had paid £250 and £262 for them.

‘He had no idea that the phones were in fact stolen,’ Mr Maletroit said.

Baker, who at the time worked for Sure, had attempted to conceal the theft by creating fake invoices suggesting that the devices had been sold legitimately.

Mr Maletroit said: ‘He was a valued member of staff and, as a team leader, a valued senior member of staff.

‘This was a significant breach of trust.’

Baker pleaded guilty to larceny and money laundering.

Advocate Adam Harrison, defending, suggested the offences were ‘at the lower end of the scale’ and said that Baker had no relevant previous convictions.

He said: ‘He regrets bringing shame on his family.’

He added that Baker had written a letter of remorse, had positive character references, and had managed to secure a new job.

Commissioner Julian Clyde-Smith said the court accepted that people had faced jail for similar crimes in the past but that owing to the time lapsed since the offences, a sentence of 180 hours’ community service would be imposed.

Jurats Jerry Ramsden and Kim Averty were sitting.

We have been asked to clarify that the man sentenced to community service after pleading guilty in the Royal Court to stealing mobile phones, James Baker, was not the James Baker who has recently founded a consultancy business under the name 'James Baker Technologies'.

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