Jail for drug dealer who had six bags of cocaine

A DRUG dealer who was found with cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis has been jailed for 4½ years by the Royal Court.

Carlos Andre Romao Teixeira. Picture: States of Jersey Police (30072263)
Carlos Andre Romao Teixeira. Picture: States of Jersey Police (30072263)

Carlos Andre Romao Teixeira had been seen snorting cocaine in a takeaway in St Helier in December 2019.

When police caught up with him they found he had six ziplock bags containing cocaine, another containing cannabis, and a green ecstasy tablet.

He had tried to claim that he had bought the drugs for a group of friends and was not seeking to make a profit on them.

But the Royal Court found that there was no evidence to support this claim.

Solicitor General Matthew Jowitt, prosecuting, said that in the defendant’s home in St Martin’s Lane they had also found utensils such as scales, a grinder and a knife bearing traces of cocaine or cannabis resin.

‘At first he claimed he didn’t know what drugs he’d taken or where he got them,’ Mr Jowitt said.

‘Then he claimed he didn’t know where the ecstasy had come from.’

A large sum of cash, in sterling and euros, was also found. ‘He said he didn’t like to keep money in a bank account,’ Mr Jowitt added.

He said that Teixeira had 15 previous convictions, 11 of them involving drugs.

Michael Haines, defending, said Teixeira insisted that the cocaine was only for a small group of friends, and he was charging them the same amount as it had cost him. ‘This is full-square social supply,’ he said.

He also pointed out that Teixeira had a full-time job and had attended the Alcohol and Drugs Service voluntarily – and so deserved a reduced sentence.

‘There was a timely guilty plea and the defendant should be given the full one-third discount.’

But Commissioner William Bailhache, presiding, said the court was not convinced that the drugs had been purely for ‘social supply’.

He said: ‘We are unable to accept the assertion that the price at which the drugs were sold was the same price at which they were acquired.’

Jurats Jerry Ramsden, Pamela Pitman and Steven Austin-Vautier were sitting.

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