Drug smuggler jailed for 4½ years

A MOTHER who smuggled drugs into Jersey internally has been jailed for 4½ years by the Royal Court.

Kelly Jane Robertson. Picture: States of Jersey Police (30077429)
Kelly Jane Robertson. Picture: States of Jersey Police (30077429)

Kelly Jane Robertson, from Birkenhead, flew from Liverpool to Jersey and used three Kinder eggs, wrapped in condoms, to carry cocaine and a small amount of cannabis into the Island.

The court heard that Robertson (45) was acting as a courier for the drugs and had not been planning to sell them herself.

Yesterday the Solicitor General, Matthew Jowitt, prosecuting, said Robertson had been arrested at the Airport on 8 August and admitted the offence at the earliest opportunity – though he said the evidence had made it impossible to deny the crime.

The cannabis was worth £100 to £125, but the cocaine could have had a street value of between £5,600 and £7,000, the court heard.

He added that Robertson had 20 previous convictions, although only one of them was drugs related.

‘She is at high risk of reconviction within 12 months, given her past criminal convictions,’ he said.

The court also heard that Robertson had been in Jersey previously to attend her brother’s funeral, and while here she met someone who offered her £3,500 to bring the drugs into the Island at a later date.

Advocate James Bell, defending, explained that she had been ‘at a low ebb’ at the time. ‘The death of her brother affected her greatly,’ he said. ‘Miss Robertson is ashamed of her actions. She does not seek to blame anyone else.

‘She is a good mother. Her partner of ten years remains supportive of her.’

He added: ‘This lady has suffered from mental-health issues for a number of years. She has suffered from depression from a young age. She is highly motivated to turn her life around.’

Royal Court Commissioner Sir William Bailhache, presiding, said the court would take into account the mitigating factors, her early guilty plea, and the fact that she was acting as a courier and not as a seller of drugs.

But he told her: ‘You will know how pernicious the drugs trade is.’

Delivering the court’s sentence, Sir William said: ‘Miss Robertson made a very, very bad decision and will have to face a lengthy custodial sentence.’

Jurats Jerry Ramsden, Pamela Pitman and Steven Austin-Vautier were sitting.

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