Reports of late-night speeding trigger concern

REPORTS of late-night speeding and noise from cars are leading to fears that the danger posed by ‘boy racers’ last year could be about to flare up again.

Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (30045771)
Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (30045771)

Two parish Chefs de Police have spoken of their worry that the phenomenon of organised races on the Island’s roads – which was noticed during last year’s lockdown – could re-emerge.

Gordon Jones, Chef de Police for St Martin, said there had been a report of speeding near St Catherine at the weekend, something which he hoped was a one-off incident, rather than a return of the dangerous pastime which was seen during last year’s lockdown when the roads were quieter than usual.

He said: ‘The people who were doing it back then were very organised. They didn’t just get onto the road and put their foot down. They would check first that the coast was clear.

‘There will always be a group who want to race their cars but don’t have the opportunity here. You can’t charge along a motorway as you can in Britain.

‘It’s dangerous and it’s completely anti-social. It wakes people up.’

Over the weekend, several Islanders complained on social media that they had been woken up in the early hours of the morning by the sounds of revving engines.

Joao Camara, Chef de Police for St Peter, had heard complaints about roaring engines but pointed out that there was no pattern to the time or location of the incidents, which made it impossible to predict where they would be and stop them.

The States of Jersey Police launched ‘Operation Canvas’ to clamp down on nuisance drivers last year. A police spokeswoman said the operation was continuing but that the force had not received any reports of an increase in speeding so far.

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