Crash: ‘No realistic prospect of conviction’

THE Law Officers’ Department has defended its decision not to prosecute a driver who it is claimed left a teenage cyclist badly injured, as JEP readers expressed outrage and disbelief over the lack of action.

Morier House, where the Law Officers' Department is based. Picture: ROB CURRIE (30007382)
Morier House, where the Law Officers' Department is based. Picture: ROB CURRIE (30007382)

Joanna Dentskevich said her son Freddie (14) was left lying unconscious in a pool of blood after the incident in St Martin last March. The driver of the vehicle involved in the collision did not stop or dial 999, Mrs Dentskevich claimed, but the LOD has said there was ‘no realistic prospect’ of a conviction in relation to the incident.

A spokesman for the LOD said: ‘The evidence in the case was first reviewed independently by English counsel and then re-reviewed by the LOD. Both reviews concluded that the evidence did not afford a realistic prospect of conviction for any offence.’

The LOD added that a full review of potential offences was carried out, including offences under the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956.

When the story was published on the JEP’s Facebook page yesterday, it was seen by more than 16,000 people within six hours, prompting a wave of angry comments.

Sacha Serinet wrote: ‘How do you not notice missing wing mirror or blood on windscreen? There would have been an almighty bang. Even if they didn’t know what had caused it, it would be enough to stop and check what had happened.’

Mrs Denstkevich claimed that Freddie was discovered by three passers-by at the scene of the incident and that the teenager was taken to hospital where he was treated for two fractures to his arm, had an operation on his knee, stitches around his eye and false teeth put in to replace two front teeth which had been knocked out during the incident.

Writing on Facebook, Steve Le Breton said: ‘What a terrible decision by the police. This should have been put before a judge and jury to make a decision as there’s clearly evidence to indicate a crime. Driving without due care and attention as a minimum.’

John Grist added that ‘the justice system has always let down children’ while Fay Carne commented: ‘Who leaves a child (or anyone) alone and injured on the road? Why wasn’t the vehicle taken and tested?’

Meanwhile, Jessie De Castro wrote: ‘I cannot believe what I have just read!! I am in shock. I’m so sorry for this boy and his family. This is utterly appalling!’

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