Have the islands gone their separate ways on civil aviation role?

THE Guernsey government is remaining tight-lipped about apparent changes to a co-operative arrangement by which Jersey and Guernsey share a single Civil Aviation regulator.

Dominic Lazarus (29430048)
Dominic Lazarus (29430048)

Since 2009 the regulator’s separate statutory functions have been performed by one person, funded jointly by the two islands, but the arrangement appears to have been suspended with separate individuals now performing those duties.

A spokesperson for the Jersey government said that the two islands worked closely on civil aviation matters and that the Island remained keen for the sharing of a director of civil aviation to continue.

They confirmed that Dominic Lazarus held the post of director of civil aviation for Jersey but declined to comment on the role related to Guernsey.

Mr Lazarus also declined to comment on changes to his role as they affected Guernsey. ‘I am the DCA of Jersey. Jersey is continuing as normal. I can’t make any further comment,’ he said.

However, the regulator’s website continues to provide a welcome to ‘the office of the director of Civil Aviation for the Channel Islands’.

The Jersey government spokesperson said that the roles for Jersey and Guernsey were two distinct statutory roles, established under the islands’ different sets of legislation. ‘However, these two roles have both been filled by a succession of single individuals since 2009...Mr Lazarus remains in post as director of Civil Aviation for Jersey,’ the Jersey government spokesperson said.

The apparent separation of functions follows the disbanding in June this year of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authority, created in 2010 in a co-operative arrangement that brought the regulatory authorities of the two islands under a single umbrella. They now function separately as Jersey and Guernsey authorities.

The co-operative arrangement between the two islands dates back to 2009 when the Civil Aviation (Jersey) Law came into force, coinciding with a change in director of civil aviation in Jersey.

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