'Bumbling idiots' politician elected as Guernsey's Chief Minister

A POLITICIAN who said Jersey's government had been called ‘a bunch of bumbling idiots’ for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year has become Guernsey's new chief minister.

Pic by Adrian Miller 27-11-19.States.Peter Ferbrache. (29413694)
Pic by Adrian Miller 27-11-19.States.Peter Ferbrache. (29413694)

In a States of Guernsey speech in May, Deputy Peter Ferbrache said his island was a ‘much, much, much better-run bailiwick’ than Jersey and referred to criticisms that had been made of both Chief Minister John Le Fondré and Health Minister Richard Renouf.

He made the comments as the two islands took different very approaches in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, with Guernsey imposing much tougher lockdown restrictions, resulting in the eventual elimination of the virus.

Deputy Ferbrache, who has a legal background and was president of the States Trading Supervisory Board at the time, was speaking in defence of accusations that the Sarnian government's hardline approach would damage Guernsey's economy.

He described his island's response as 'truly wonderful', claiming his island was in the 'international division' in how it had handled the crisis.

He then added: ‘Compare it to our neighbours 20 miles away where people I have been speaking to on legal matters and other matters that I am involved with call them a bunch of bumbling idiots compared with us.

‘They compare our Chief Minister with theirs, and ours wins quite favourably. They compare our Health Minister, or Health President, with theirs, and she compares admirably.

‘I hope when people are seeking to do business in the various bailiwicks, because we do compete with each other, going forward, they can see that we are a much, much, much better-run bailiwick than they are and we can actually get things done.'

Following Guernsey's recent general election, Deputy Ferbrache ousted incumbent chief minister Gavin St Pier from the top job, defeating him in a States vote by 23 votes to 17.

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