La Pulente kiosk can stay open as solution to dispute is found

A KIOSK owner, who became embroiled in a dispute with parish officials after being given notice to leave his current site, has agreed to move his business a few metres.


Karl Sutton, proprietor of The Hideout at La Pulente, in St Brelade, was told by parish authorities earlier this month that his operating permit was not being renewed.

The issue arose after Shell House Ltd, which owns the land immediately next to where the kiosk operates, decided to press ahead with plans to build a new café and toilets on the site of the current public toilets. The café is to be operated by Nude Food, which has other outlets in St Aubin’s Bay and town.

However, Mr Sutton had already signed an agreement with the parish of St Brelade, enabling him to operate his kiosk at his existing site until the new café became operational.

He subsequently launched a requête – triggering a public vote which could have forced the parish to issue him with a new permit.

However, during a packed parish assembly this week, the two parties came to an agreement, allowing Mr Sutton to operate from the nearby slipway until the café development is completed.

‘We will stay where we are for now, although I will be making some slight adjustments – moving the kiosk about two metres so there will be plenty of space to allow them to carry out the work that they need to do. In the meantime, I am going to be putting a planning application together to relocate down the slipway,’ Mr Sutton said.

‘If they do start building, we will stay out the way but if they do not start, we will move straight back [if the development is not finished].

‘It should only take a short amount of time to get the application together. I would hope that we could get a decision within nine to 12 weeks but that is just working on past experience. Because of Covid the Planning Department are running under capacity so there might be a delay.’

Mr Sutton added that he was pleased common sense had prevailed but was frustrated it had taken so long to come to a conclusion.

‘I had a good relationship with the parish and all I wanted to do was sit down face to face and sort it out,’ he said. ‘Every time I asked about my permit being renewed, I got fobbed off and then I received a letter from the parish at the start of this month saying, “Sorry, your permit is not going to be renewed”.’

Shell House Ltd said: ‘We were very pleased with the outcome of the parish assembly. The meeting was open and fair and well run by Constable Mike Jackson.

‘Health and safety were clearly a concern to most people attending and the Constable, having taken a general consensus from the floor, said he would do everything possible to help keep The Hideout open by finding a safer position nearby, then eventually further down La Pulente slip once major site activities commenced.’

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