‘I was lied to about hospital site,’ says St Saviour Constable

ST Saviour Constable Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard has claimed she was lied to by the government about the footprint of a Five Oaks site which has been shortlisted as one of the five potential locations for the new hospital.

Former JEP offices and the Jersey Telecom data centre at Five Oaks – one of the proposed sites for the new hospital (29085415)
Former JEP offices and the Jersey Telecom data centre at Five Oaks – one of the proposed sites for the new hospital (29085415)

She made the allegation after the former Jersey Evening Post offices, the JT data centre on Grande Route de St Martin, the Les Amis site, several homes and fields to the north of Five Oaks were added to the proposed plot. The original outline contained only fields on either side of the main road.

The plans were quietly amended on the government website, and only addressed by officials when picked up by the media.

Mrs Le Sueur-Rennard said she now thinks there is a realistic prospect that the new hospital could be built in her parish and has described the current situation as ‘frightening’.

‘They [the government] lied to me in the beginning. They said that it would just be a few green fields and I thought, “Oh, that is not quite so bad” but it has spread right over to other side of the road and become much bigger,’ she said.

‘A lady who lives in a house in between Les Amis and the old JEP site told me that she got up in the morning the other day and there was a note that had been put under her door saying that there was a chance her property could be taken over. You just cannot do things like that.

‘We have just had the area around Five Oaks resurfaced and we could end up with hundreds of lorries and HGVs coming up through there just after it has been completed. Maybe that is why they resurfaced it – who knows? They did not speak to us about this. I think there is a lot that we are not being told here and I am not going to take this lying down.’

Concerns over traffic flow in the area have been raised – particularly during school pick-up and drop-off times – with the roads leading up to the Five Oaks site often becoming congested at those times.

Already, propositions have been lodged by St Lawrence Constable Deidre Mezbourian against the potential construction of the new hospital on Millbrook playing fields and St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft in respect of St Andrew’s Park at First Tower.

The other two locations on the recently released shortlist are Overdale and the People’s Park.

But Mrs Le Sueur-Rennard added that she thought the new facility should be built at Warwick Farm.

‘At Overdale, you have got the King George V estate, the community centre, along with the big wooded area and all the wildlife that goes with it. It cannot go there,’ she said.

‘I do not understand why it cannot go in Warwick Farm. We could have decided to put it there ages ago, moved in with the bulldozers and started building the new hospital already.

‘I am planning to hold a parish assembly about this. We would probably only be able to take about 60 in the parish hall at the moment so we may have to do it on a football pitch in a marquee or outside in the open air – even if it is raining if we have to.’

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