Paedophile hunter to delete ‘offenders’ list

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PAEDOPHILE hunter Cheyenne O’Connor has promised to delete scores of names from her controversial online list of allegedly convicted sex offenders after ‘wrestling’ with her ‘own stubbornness’.

Cheyenne O'Connor, peadophile hunter Picture: ROB CURRIE. (26303016)

The 26-year-old last week met Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, head of crime services for the States police, and Mike Cutland, head of the Probation Service, to discuss the list of more than 130 names – many with photographs attached – which has been posted on a group followed by more than 6,000 people.

The mother-of-two has now vowed to remove all names – unless victims have asked specifically for the perpetrators to be named.

Miss O’Connor has, for more than three years, operated as a so-called paedophile hunter – posing online as a child to catch sexual predators. In 2018 alone evidence gathered by her led to eight convictions.

Writing on social media, the Islander, who recent figures showed was one of the British Isles’ most prolific paedophile hunters, said: ‘It became clear in that meeting that we are fighting the same fight, we just differ on a few of the finer details.

‘The two [police] officers I’ve worked with from day one [during her sting operations] are genuinely a cut above the rest on every level and are worth their weight in gold in regards to child protection.

‘So, after a long night wrestling with my own stubbornness I’ve come to the conclusion that literally makes everyone happy – the list comes down, but only for the victims who haven’t asked for it to be up.

‘If you have requested or wish to request (as a direct victim) that they go up, then they will enjoy the wall of shame and its consequences.’

Mr Cutland told the JEP ahead of the meeting, which took place on Thursday, that ‘naming and shaming’ sex offenders online in such a way as Miss O’Connor’s list ‘can have serious unintended consequences for the ex-offender and their families’.


He added: ‘It can often cause distress and disruption that can put at risk progress to establish a non-offending lifestyle.’

According to JMAPPA – a multi-agency safeguarding group – very few sex offenders in Jersey go on to re-offend.

Speaking after the list was first posted, the police said numerous people named and their family members had been in touch to raise concerns.

Miss O’Connor added: ‘These last two weeks have been very tiresome and very rewarding. [The] 133 names came to light after many hours digging through old court hearings. I’m fully aware of how controversial this list is. Regardless of how erratic my haters claim me to be, I’m far more calculated and meticulous than you’ll ever know.

‘I’ve learnt so much doing what I do. I know when to lead and when to follow without ever compromising my promise to the countless survivors who have trusted me with secrets and pain I wish I could take away, but I can’t. The only thing I can do is bring some form of sanity and strength into a world of madness and torture.’

Jack Maguire

By Jack Maguire

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