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A FAMILY has had an emotional reunion with their beloved 18-year-old cat more than two years after it went missing.

Zoe Le Cornu with her cat

Zoe and Richard Le Cornu found their missing pet just a few weeks after their other cat was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

‘We moved into a lovely cottage in St Ouen a few years ago with our 15-year-old cat Bubble,’ Mrs Le Cornu explained. ‘She was extremely timid and wouldn’t venture far from the house but after a while she became more confident and started going into the field across the road.

‘But then one night when I was calling her in, she didn’t come back. It was awful.’

Mrs Le Cornu, who works for Jersey Hospice, said that after a few weeks she had resigned herself to the idea that Bubble was gone forever.

‘She was just so old and nervous, I just didn’t think she would ever make it back,’ she said.

Earlier this year, Mrs Le Cornu and her husband, who works for Jersey Telecom, bought an ‘adorable’ French rescue kitten called Haricot, as well as a puppy called Badger.

‘The two of them became best friends and were so sweet together,’ said Mrs Le Cornu.

But then last month, tragedy struck again when Haricot was fatally injured after being hit by a car, which Mrs Le Cornu believes was speeding up the green lane where they live.


‘I had been campaigning against people speeding at the time, which makes it so heartbreaking. I had even put posters up everywhere which said: “Kill your speed, not our pets”.’

But tragedy turned to joy again, Mrs Le Cornu explained, when news came of a ‘stray’ cat that was being cared for at a nearby farm. Jean Falk of the Cat Action Trust heard about the ‘stray’ while chatting in a supermarket queue. She urged its carer to check its microchip.

Mrs Le Cornu said: ‘The next thing you know, Jean told the woman that she had a microchip scanner in her car. She drove down to the farm and scanned the cat, only to discover it was Bubble. My husband found out before me and had to tell me to sit down before he told me. We are both thrilled.’

She added that her dog Badger is being ‘very kind and gentle’ to Bubble, who is now 18 years old.

Mrs Le Cornu urged anyone who finds a stray cat to let the Cat Action Trust or JSPCA know and said cat owners who have lost a pet should not to give up hope of it being found one day.

Krystle Higgins

By Krystle Higgins

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