Scores claim their 20% Sky discount won by JEP

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SCORES of Islanders rang Sky over the weekend to claim their 20% ‘goodwill discount’ from the media giant thanks to the JEP’s latest consumer campaign.


Many took to social media to thank the newspaper, which relaunched its drive to get readers a better deal 15 years after the newspaper’s Fair Play consumer affairs team first successfully argued that the company should not be charging VAT on Channel Islanders’ bills.

JEP editor Andy Sibcy said: ‘It has been overwhelming to get such positive feedback from our readers who, in many cases, have been able to save more than £100 a year.

‘Now we are asking you to tell us which retailers or service providers we should target next so that we can use our influence to fight your corner. Please also let us know if you have had success in getting companies to refund VAT so that we can spread the word.

‘Please email us at or let us know via our social media feeds.’

As reported in Saturday’s edition, the renewed focus on the issue became necessary after it emerged that the VAT-free offer had either been removed or conveniently forgotten since the original JEP campaign.

When the JEP approached Sky early this year, the global media giant said that it did not charge VAT on Channel Islanders’ bills, but did apply a single price across the British Isles to make its pricing structure easier for everyone to understand.

‘We obviously did not think that was anywhere near acceptable and told them that they were charging too much. We kept up the pressure, arguing that customers in Jersey should not be paying VAT,’ Mr Sibcy said.

As a result of further discussions, Sky agreed to offer all CI customers a 20% ‘goodwill discount’ by calling a special phone number.

Sky said: ‘Customers in Jersey can call 0344 2411965 to speak to a customer service adviser and their 20% goodwill discount on Sky TV products will be applied to their accounts. The line is open from 8.30 am until 9pm.’

Andy Sibcy

By Andy Sibcy


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