Fixed speed cameras 'not the answer to road safety', according to poll

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MORE than 60% of Islanders who voted in a poll on fixed speed cameras believe they are not the answer to Jersey’s road safety issues.


Last week the JEP ran a series of articles highlighting the number of crashes that have happened on the Island’s roads and what the solutions could be. Figures revealed that on average more than 100 crashes per month were reported in Jersey since the start of 2018.

Some Centeniers believe fixed speed cameras may be the answer to the problem, with Assistant Chief Minister Chris Taylor echoing those comments and calling for tougher sanctions for speeding drivers.

Now the Jersey public has been given the chance to have their say, with 1,467 people voting in an online poll.

547 people (38%) thought fixed speed cameras should be introduced in the Island, and 920 (62%) indicated they weren’t the answer.

Commenting about the issue on social media, St Helier Deputy Inna Gardiner believed there was not just one single solution to the problem.

She believed the problem could be fixed without having to punish good drivers.

She said: ‘Today I received the compiled data from four speed monitors that were installed in my district, at the request of parishioners.

‘They showed that a minority of cars were driving at double the speed limit. Let’s fix this without slowing down good drivers.


‘I am meeting main stakeholders and researching technological solutions that minimise man hours and maximise deterrent without inconveniencing good drivers.

‘It’s not just putting up a camera, it’s consultation and new legislation.

‘Average speed cameras would work in some areas, but in some other areas it may be that fixed cameras would work.’


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