Repairing the damage from lightning strikes

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A LIGHTNING strike caused damage to a property in St John during a storm this week – ‘obliterating’ a PVC water pipe and destroying two electrical boxes.

Lightening struck a tree at a home in St John PICTURE: Lawrence de Gruchy Irrigation Ltd (25508201)

Images of bark peeling from a tree, a scorched fence and fried electrics caused by the strike have been shared on social media. The pictures were taken by Lawrence de Gruchy Irrigation who were called in to fix the damage following Monday’s storm.

PICTURE: Lawrence de Gruchy Irrigation Ltd (25508197)

And the weather is expected to stay unsettled over the coming days with rain forecast for tomorrow. However, summer could make a comeback next week as high pressure is due to move in, according to Jersey Met duty forecaster Joanna Chambers.

Carl Gavey and Gareth Gale, employees of Lawrence de Gruchy Irrigation, said the lightning strike on Monday had hit the tree, travelled along the fence and then found a water pipe and electrics that control a water system for horses in a nearby field.

‘It’s smashed the PVC pipe. It looks like you’ve put a digger through it, it’s completely obliterated,’ said Mr Gavey.

‘The cable controls the irrigation pipe and it’s followed all the way along that, picked up the wiring for the electric fence on the way, to two control boxes about 150 metres away and blown them both off the wall.

‘The owner thinks it came from a lightning strike at about 7.30am.’

PICTURE: Lawrence de Gruchy Irrigation Ltd (25508199)

Numerous lightning strikes and heavy rain were recorded across the Island on Monday morning. Some Islanders reported car alarms being set off during a flurry of strikes at about 2am. More strikes were recorded later in the morning.


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