Police vow to ‘continue speeding clamp down’

A CENTENIER has welcomed the sentencing of a speeder, and words of warning from an Assistant Magistrate, and hopes that they will resonate with others who use the Island’s roads as race tracks.


On Wednesday, Paulo Duarte De Sousa Viera avoided a prison term for driving at 85mph in a 40mph zone and was instead ordered to carry out community service.

Assistant Magistrate Peter Harris said he wanted youngsters to slow down on roads before a fatality occurred, and said roads were being used like race tracks.

Centenier Gordon Jones, who prosecuted the case, is happy with the sentencing and has said there had been a slight drop in speeders recently.

He said: ‘What he said was quite right and I am happy with what was said and done.

‘I thought he might have made an example out of him, but this shows now what punishment people will get.

‘We will continue to be out with speed guns to try and clamp down.’

Figures from the ‘smiley face’ speed cameras in St Martin have shown that over two six-day periods 1,926 drivers went over the 40mph speed limit on Grande Route de Rozel. Of these, 79 were clocked going over 50mph, with two exceeding 60mph and another two travelling at more than 70mph.

In St Ouen, Chef de Police Richard Honeycombe said one motorcyclist was clocked at three times the speed limit.

He added: ‘We have been collecting data for the States police, and one person was clocked at 120mph. There are two long stretches where people speed. But it isn’t quite as bad as it has been before.’

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