Sorel litterers ‘will be named and shamed’

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DISGRUNTLED fishermen will start taking matters into their own hands and name and shame people if litter problem is not sorted out at Sorel Point.

That is according to one regular fisherman, who spent his Monday morning cleaning out discarded barbecues, cans, other metal and even a glass hot dog jar from the shore and the rocks at the popular fishing spot.

Ben Ahier regularly fishes at Sorel in St John and felt angered by the bag full of rubbish he found on Monday.

He said it had been going on for years and the majority of people who fished there knew who the culprits were.

He thinks it will not be long before those responsible are named and shamed.

Mr Ahier said: ‘It is about time something is done about it, because it has been going on for years.

‘People have told me they know who it is. It will get to the point where they will take it into their own hands and name and shame people.

‘It is dangerous, there are cans cut in half, if someone steps on that... .

‘It is as if people have just sat there and when they have finished a can they have just thrown it.


‘It will stop people from going there and it isn’t just this spot, it is other areas of the Island too.’

Mr Ahier pointed out that there were not any bins in the area, and that may deter people disposing of items responsibly.

He added: ‘There is not one bin down at the bottom of the rocks. How much does a bin cost?’

The Constable of St John, Chris Taylor, said that there was a problem in the area but that complaints were forwarded on, and that the honorary police had been involved in the past.

‘There has been a problem of fly tipping at Sorel and when it is reported to the parish we forward the complaint to the Department for Housing, Growth and Economic Development,’ said Mr Taylor.

‘Our honorary police have been involved on occasions but I am unable to comment on that.’


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