Orphaned red squirrel rescued

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BARELY the size of a human hand and weighing no more than a large bag of crisps, this baby squirrel was rescued by the JSPCA.

Picture: JSPCA (24671122)

Pictures of the kit have been released by the organisation, which was contacted after the animal was found near the Caesarean Tennis Club in St Helier earlier this year.

Staff at the Animals’ Shelter worked to raise female rodent, which was three weeks old when it was found. It remains in their care.

A JSPCA newsletter described how the orphaned squirrel had been found on the ground with scratches on her nose and lips. ‘One staff member took on the roll of squirrel mum for a few weeks,’ the newsletter continued.

‘Weighing only 66g, eyes and ears closed and not having any teeth, but fully furred, we estimated she was just under three weeks old.

‘Confused and reluctant to drink the strange formula she had never tasted, it wasn’t long until she was latching onto the syringe and getting grumpy when she had reached her correct amount.

‘At the beginning of April she moved into her final JSPCA enclosure, which feels like a more natural environment.

‘From here she will become independent and finally be released to a safe area when she is ready.’


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