Wonky fruit and veg go on sale in Jersey’s Morrisons

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ONE of the Island’s food retailers has started selling cut-price ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables in an effort to help support local farmers and reduce waste.

Morrisons Daily Five Oaks - Leontina Teles, General Assistant

Morrisons Daily stores in the UK have been selling misshapen produce for some years and outlets in the Channel Islands are now following suit after requests from customers.

The wonky fruit and veg initiative is a drive to support local and national farmers by taking all of the crop rather than perfect shapes and sizes that have had to meet strict supermarket requirements.

The move also aims to cut down on millions of tons of annual global food waste and lower costs for customers.

A statement released by SandpiperCI, which runs the franchise in Jersey and Guernsey, says: ‘Perfect shape and size no longer matter in the lean, green competitive world of fashionable fruit and veg.

‘Funky, chunky misshapen fruit along with curly, burly vegetables that up until the recent past were destined for the bin, will now sit proudly alongside their more dashing counterparts.’

Morrisons Daily’s head of food retail in the Channel Islands, Mike Rutter, said that the company was keeping a commitment that it made last year to its customers.

‘Last year Morrisons pledged to sell more wonky, over-sized, under-sized and blemished seasonal fruit and vegetables after listening to customers’ concerns about food waste,’ he said.

‘This excellent initiative started in the UK and we’ve been working hard to offer these great value, tasty fresh products to our Channel Islands’ customers.


‘The fruit and veg will be available on a seasonable basis and we’re confident colour, size, shape and wonkiness will no longer be an issue for customers wanting fresh and tasty greengrocer products at very competitive prices.’

A spokesman for SandpiperCI added that he believed wonky fruit and veg could be 30% to 40% cheaper than standard produce.

Over recent days, wonky vegetables and fruit that have been made available in selected Morrisons Daily stores include cauliflowers, carrots, cabbages, onions, peppers, lemons, kiwis and grapes.

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