Van saved from rising tide

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ISLANDERS are being urged to use their common sense and pay attention to tide timetables after a van nearly ended up in deep water.

Volunteers pushed the van up the beach to help save it from the rising tide

A JEP reader photographed a large white van and fishing-boat trailer that came perilously close to being submerged or stuck in the water at St Brelade’s Bay near the Fisherman’s Chapel.

The van had to be pushed out of the sea by ten volunteers before the owner returned in time to help prevent it from from being washed away.

Vehicles are generally banned from being driven or parked on any of the Island’s beaches, but exceptions are made in some areas, including the western end of St Brelade’s Bay and to the east of La Haule slip where permits are issued.

Fishermen are also allowed to reverse trailers to the water’s edge if they do not have a permit, providing they drive their vehicles off the beach afterwards.

A spokesman for the Economic Development Department has urged Islanders to use their common sense and respect the tides when they go fishing.

‘In general, no vehicle is allowed to be driven or parked on any of Jersey’s beaches,’ the spokesman said.

‘There are a few exemptions, and we do issue permits to allow drivers to park at the church end of St Brelade’s Bay and east of La Haule slipway, but the tide is no respecter of permits.

‘Anyone who’s launching a boat from a trailer is allowed to reverse to the water’s edge and launch their boat without a permit, but they must then drive off the beach again.

‘Following tide tables and this common-sense approach should ensure that drivers remain safe.’

Ian Heath

By Ian Heath


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