Swastikas daubed on slave labour memorial

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SIXTY-eight swastikas have been daubed onto bunkers at Noirmont headland.

The graffiti is similar in style to a previous attack

The symbols were spray-painted onto the walls of the fortifications, as well as onto an information board about forced and slave labour.

Tony Pike, a committee member and press officer of the Channel Islands Occupation Society, said the damage at Noirmont is a ‘repeat attack’, adding that the style is very similar to previous graffiti he has seen at the same location.

Last August, about 40 swastikas were painted in black and gold onto the German fortifications in the area.

The previous month swastikas were drawn onto bunkers in St Ouen where the vandals also attempted to break into one of the fortifications using a drill.

Mr Pike said: ‘I am 95 per cent sure that it is the same culprit as I recognise the style of the graffiti. The last time this happened it was the actual bunkers that were defaced but this is the first time, as far as I know, that one of the signs has been damaged.’

Mr Pike, who scrubbed off the swastikas by hand last year, added that he hopes to get help from people who are doing community service this year, as the process can be time consuming.

Anyone with any information about the graffiti, which happened between 6 pm on Friday and 8 am on Sunday, is being asked to contact the police on 612612 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Krystle Higgins

By Krystle Higgins


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