Wealth gap in Jersey is ‘extreme’, says charity

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THE difference between those with wealth in the Island and those without is ‘extreme’, one of Jersey’s new Salvation Army Officers has said.

The Salvation Army Jersey corps’ new leaders, Lieutenants Richard and Alice Nunn (19887730)

Lieutenant Alice Nunn made the comment during an event to mark a year since the organisation’s Bread of Life café was opened in Minden Place.

She and her husband Richard (36), who is also a Lieutenant with the organisation, have recently begun a three-year post in the Island after finishing two years training at the William Booth College in London.

Mrs Nunn (33) said: ‘There is a lot of wealth in Jersey but the difference between those with wealth and those without is extreme.

‘I’m not convinced that everyone understands what a low-income family has to deal with on a daily basis. It’s about people taking notice and seeing what is really going on. A lot of people on low incomes are really struggling.’

The Bread of Life café was opened in 2016 by former officers Captain Stephen Scoulding and his wife, Melanie. The café won the Historic Buildings Project award in this year’s Jersey Architectural Commission Design Awards.

‘In the short time we have been here we have had the opportunity to see people’s lives change and we have seen so many people get free soup from the café or an affordable meal,’ Mrs Nunn said.

‘We have to be here to help families in need and there are quite a few families in need in Jersey.’

Mr and Mrs Nunn, who are parents to four-year old Rosie and seven-year-old Alex, are now busy preparing for the annual carol service and Christmas Day lunch organised by the Salvation Army.


Mr Nunn said: ‘It’s daunting but it’s a real privilege to feel trusted with such a huge project [the café] in Jersey and so far it’s been really amazing.

‘It feels like there is a lot of big ideas here and now it’s about making those ideas work. We just want to help people in any way we can while we are in Jersey.’

The couple became involved with the Salvation Army when living in Kent, before selling their house and moving to London in 2015 to study at William Booth College.

Mr Nunn, who was a police officer for nine years, said: ‘We found a church that was really accommodating in Kent and it helped us in so many ways. There was a couple who we got to know really well who were retired Salvation Army officers. They told us we should think about becoming officers.

‘We didn’t think we were those kind of people but the idea didn’t go away. We decided that we would apply and just see what happens.’

A carol service is due to be held above the café on Christmas Eve from 3 pm.


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