Drink-driver’s car was ‘all over the place’

A DRINK-DRIVER who was reported to the police has been fined £1,700 and banned from driving for 16 months.


Aaron John Nicolle (24), of Grande Route de St Jean, committed the offence just before midnight on 14 October.

Centenier John Woodward told the court that police were informed that a silver VW was ‘all over the place’ on Grande Route de St Jean.

Officers turned up at Nicolle’s address and found the vehicle. When they felt the bonnet it was still warm.

At the front door they were met by Nicolle’s father, who said that his son was asleep, the court heard.

The officers went into his bedroom and found him fully clothed. They noted that his speech was slurred and at 12.20 am he failed a breath test.

The court heard that Nicolle told officers that he had had a glass of cognac after returning home.

When he was later tested using the intoximeter at police headquarters, the defendant’s reading measured 56 micrograms of alcohol in 100 ml of breath. The legal limit is 35 mcg.

Advocate Lorraine McClure, defending, said that Nicolle had an ‘excellent job’ and that his employers had indicated that they would like to support him.

She said that although he would no longer be able to drive, his mechanical skills would be utilised.

Relief Magistrate David Le Cornu said that Nicolle had developed ‘quite a record in a short period of time’ and warned him that he needed to stay out of trouble.

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