Letter to the Editor: Ban coughing and sneezing passengers

From David Râtel.

nLong queues at airports – the least of travellers’ worries?
nLong queues at airports – the least of travellers’ worries?

I KNOW many agree that airports (and indeed flights) are not the ‘nice place to go’ they once seemed to be.

The long queues, the unwelcome body searches and the long walks affect a holiday considerably.

Of course we must accept the security, as nobody wants to get on a plane with a bomb or a terrorist on it. The recent crackdown on rowdy passengers who have had too much to drink is also a step in the right direction.

There is one more thing they could do to make modern-day travel more enjoyable – I don’t think it will ever happen, but any airline that advertised they would not allow sneezing and coughing passengers to board would certain get all my business.

I have just returned from Budapest (a Danube river cruise) and was booked on a Norwegian charter airline who would have won an award for getting more seats on a 737 than anyone thought possible.

Sitting at the departure gate there were at least three people coughing and sneezing to medal-winning standards. Obviously many of us travelling on that trip home caught their bug and, like me, have spent the past five days cursing them and the airline.

And how will the much feared ‘Aussie flu’ get to the UK? In just one plane!

No pain, no gain, they say. Debatable, I say.

Carysfort, St Brelade’s Bay,

St Brelade.

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