Asian hornet nest found in a bungalow

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ANOTHER Asian hornet nest has been found in the Island – this time in the roof of a bungalow – sparking more fears the invasive insects are becoming established in Jersey.

Asian hornet nest being dealt with in a garden in St Saviour by Nick Alderson of Pestokill and Absolute Pest Control.Picture: PETER MOURANT. (19300283)

The latest nest was discovered at the home, near Le Rocquier School, on Monday. A short time earlier another nest was found in a garden in Wellington Hill. Both nests have now been destroyed.

Asian hornets, which arrived in Europe more than a decade ago inside a shipment of Chinese pottery, pose a major threat to honey bees and other pollinators. Just one hornet can kill up to 50 bees in a day.

Dr Tim du Feu, director of environmental protection for the Environment Department and president of the Jersey Beekeepers' Association, said the nest in St Clement was a 'secondary nest'.

So far this year seven nests have been found. These comprise three secondary nests (the two discovered this week and another at Archirondel), as well as four primary nests - one near Fliquet, one in a beehive in St John, one near Rozel and one near Bouley Bay.

Queen Asian hornets first build a primary nest, usually in a garden shed or garage, and raise a number of workers. Once established they move to a larger secondary nest which can host up to 6,000 hornets including 200 queens. Each queen can go on to create a nest of their own.

Dr du Feu said it was vital nests were destroyed as quickly as possible before queen hornets are 'liberated' from colonies, hibernate for the winter and then create nests of their own.

Sightings should be reported to the Environment Department on 441600.


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