Man suffers burns in barbecue fire

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A MAN suffered burns to his arm after tackling a gas barbecue fire in his garden.

The owner of the property in St Lawrence called the emergency services after the barbecue, which was next to a conservatory, caught fire on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Fire and Rescue Service, by the time the crew arrived the fire had been extinguished and the gas bottle had been moved to the bottom of the garden, where it was being cooled with a hosepipe.

The owner – a middle-aged man – was treated at the scene for minor burns.

The conservatory also suffered fire and heat damage.

The fire was caused by a loose jubilee clip which had allowed gas to escape.

In a statement, the Fire and Rescue Service said: 'This is not the first fire involving a gas barbecue this summer and is unlikely to be the last.

'Nearly all gas barbecue fires are preventable and could be prevented if simple routine maintenance and checks were carried out.

'Jersey Fire and Rescue recommend that if you have a gas barbecue or gas heater you should frequently check the pipe work for leaks.


'This can be done with soapy water or a special leak-detection fluid. All threaded connections should be spanner tight and gas hoses should be regularly inspected for wear and cracking.

'It is also never wise to site your barbecue adjacent to your property as if it does catch fire your property will be at risk.

'Finally only tackle a fire if you are competent in firefighting and have the appropriate means of extinguishing it.

'In a fire situation the focus must always be on safety, ensuring that your loved ones are away from danger. Call 999 - the Fire and Rescue Service are only minutes away.'

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