Letter to the Editor: Perhaps Jersey is ready for Labour's policies

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JERSEY, being an island of limited space, is already overpopulated with non-essential individuals, cars, dogs, cats and politicians. Vast sums of taxpayers' earnings have been squandered on the employment of off-Island consultants, whose advice has never been followed up.

Anti-immigration views and racial hatred is endemic. Payments beyond the ordinary worker's so-called 'dreams of avarice' are being handed out in resignation and pension pots to civil servants.

Rich kids parade in ripped jeans and trousers, costing absurd amounts of money for clothing most of us would have dumped, or that would have been patched by the truly poor.

The inhabitants of the oft-quoted 'Monkey House' dither and congeal over matters most humans, gifted with a modicum of common sense, would resolve in next to no time. A visit to our General Hospital is a sobering experience that demands reflection. I have yet to meet a Jersey consultant. The ones I have met are charming, modest, from – I guess – Africa, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe and who knows where else.

The nursing staff, overworked, underpaid and always polite, sympathetic, warm, gentle and often foreign, give their undivided attention.

When one contrasts the contribution the finance sectors and private enterprise make to our lives with those of the Hospital staff, one is left with a decided feeling of injustice.

Maybe our next off-Island consultant should be Jeremy Corbyn.

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