Taxi drivers call for police to impound illegal cabs

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ISLANDERS who operate illegal taxi services should have their vehicles impounded, according to the chairman of the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association.

Mick Tostevin says that the Island should follow the hard-line approach recently taken in Hull, where a man suspected of offering lifts for money after offering the service on social media was arrested and had his car confiscated. He is currently under investigation.

And in Southampton, the administrators of a Facebook page offering illegal lifts voluntarily closed the site following pressure from the authorities, who warned that drivers would be fined £5,000 and receive three penalty points if caught.

Mr Tostevin claimed that Jersey authorities had become 'slack' in dealing with local drivers who are advertising transport on the Jersey Lifts Facebook page and needed to 'stop brushing the problem under the carpet'.

'If we need to enforce high fines and impound cars, then so be it. That is what happens in the UK to private-hire cabs when they pick up passengers off

the street.

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