Broadband 'failing to meet UK levels of customer satisfaction'

JERSEY and the rest of the Channel Islands' broadband internet services are failing to achieve the levels of customer satisfaction found in the UK, according to an industry report.

Broadband 'failing to meet UK levels of customer satisfaction'

A comprehensive study into broadband services conducted by technology firm Actual Experience found that while broadband services in Jersey and the rest of the islands were good for some users, more often than not they were found to be poor - and, the survey found, sometimes they were so bad that people gave up trying to use the internet.

The study, sponsored by the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities, analysed people's experience of home broadband services provided by Sure, JT and Newtel in hundreds of homes over a six-month period and in Jersey, 152 people took part in the survey.

Actual Experience's study found that the survey scores for the Channel Islands fell between 60 and 70, a range where services are usable but the experience is frequently frustrating.

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