Delivering a crushing verdict on Jersey's traditional 'cider press'

From Richard Henwood.

PERHAPS it is cultural illiteracy, perhaps it is ignorance of our Island's agricultural heritage and perhaps, in the overall scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. But it continues to irk me when I see adverts referring to a 'granite cider press' when they should say a 'granite apple crusher'.

Cider presses are invariably constructed out of timber, not granite, are usually sited in outbuildings and are entirely unsuitable for use as a planter for summer bedding. However, an apple crusher is made of granite and has been known to make an attractive feature in a generously sized garden.

It surely is a sad indictment on those selling off our agricultural past that they don't even know what they're selling. And perhaps the adverts should read 'ancient granite flower trough for sale, could be adapted to crush apples'.

Entre Deux, Clos des Ifs, Trinity.

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