Athlete Bianca Williams cries as she recounts moment police handcuffed her


Team GB athlete Bianca Williams cried as she recounted the moment Metropolitan Police officers handcuffed her and partner Ricardo Dos Santos as their young son wept in their car.

Mr Dos Santos and Ms Williams, both international athletes, believe they were racially profiled during a “disturbing” July 4 2020 encounter with five Metropolitan Police officers who followed them as they drove to their west London home from training with their then-three-month-old boy in the back seat of their Mercedes.

Body-worn footage of the encounter was shown on Thursday at a disciplinary hearing in south-east London, where the five officers could be sacked if gross misconduct is proven.

Ms Williams, 29, a gold medallist in the 4x100m relays at the 2018 European Championships and Commonwealth Games, wept as she watched the footage which showed officers pulling Mr Dos Santos from the driver’s seat and taking him to the roadside where they handcuffed him.

A tearful Ms Williams could be heard in the footage telling police: “My son is in the car – I need to look after him.”

Ricardo Dos Santos
Ricardo Dos Santos (right) has competed in the Olympics (Tim Goode/PA)

At one point in the footage, the infant can be heard screaming as A/PS Simpson leaned into the back of the car to “check around the baby seat” before allowing Ms Williams to collect her son.

Nothing was found and the couple were released shortly after.

A/PS Simpson, Pc Allan Casey, Pc Jonathan Clapham, Pc Michael Bond and Pc Sam Franks deny all charges against them, which include allegations that they breached police standards over equality and diversity during the stop-and-search.

The panel previously heard from Mr Dos Santos, 28, a Portuguese competitor in the 400m sprint at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, who claimed he had been left “traumatised” by several encounters with police who stopped him without reason.

He told the panel he was “afraid” for the safety of his partner and child when the police van began following them before pulling them over.

Screen grab taken from PA Video of Bianca Williams outside Palestra House, central London, for the gross misconduct hearing of five Metropolitan Police officers
Screen grab taken from PA Video of Bianca Williams outside Palestra House, central London, for the gross misconduct hearing of five Metropolitan Police officers (Tony Farag/PA)

She said: “It isn’t easy constantly being pulled over for no reason – he’s been pulled over so many times.

“When it gets to 10 times I feel his frustration. It’s difficult.”

When asked by Mr Hines why she had never been pulled over by police, Ms Williams said: “I am a female and he (Mr Dos Santos) is a black male and black males are 10 times more likely to get stopped.”

A/PS Simpson and Pcs Clapham, Bond and Franks also face allegations that their actions amounted to a breach of professional behaviour standards in relation to the use of force.

They are said to have failed in relation to their levels of authority, respect and courtesy, as well as in their duties and responsibilities.

Pc Casey is also accused of breaching professional standards in the way he carried out his duties and responsibilities or gave orders and instructions.

It is also alleged that the honesty and integrity of Pcs Casey, Clapham, Bond and Franks breached professional behaviour standards.

The six-week hearing continues.


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