Weather - Shipping

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office. .

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office.


At the time of issue there was a Strong Wind Warning in force for the Channel Islands Area.


Some hazy sunshine.

General Situation

At 7 a.m., high, 1033 mb near the Faroe Islands extended a ridge south over Britain. Low, 1000mb, 500 miles west of Biscay, expected to fill and move south.

Forecast from 1pm Wednesday to 1pm Thursday.

  • Forecast: Risk of a shower after midnight.
  • Wind: East to northeast 4 to 5, locally 6 at first, decreasing 3 to 4 overnight.
  • Visibility: Good.
  • Sea State: Slight to moderate, locally rather rough in the north and west at first.
  • Sea Swell: 2 to 5 feet.
  • Sea Temp: 13

Outlook from 1pm Thursday to 1pm Friday.

  • Forecast: Isolated showers. Risk of thunder.
  • Wind: East to northeast 2 to 4 becoming variable for a time overnight.
  • Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate in showers.
  • Sea State: Slight with low swell.