Weather - Shipping

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office.


Mainly cloudy.

General Situation

At 7 p.m. shallow low, 1019 mb, near London, moving east and filling. Associated weak front moving south over the Channel. A ridge of high pressure is expected to build in its wake.

Forecast from 1am Tuesday to 1am Wednesday.

  • Forecast: Any light rain or drizzle clearing in the morning to become fair.
  • Wind: Northwest to north 3 to 4, soon veering northeast, further veering east late afternoon.
  • Visibility: Moderate to very poor becoming good by dawn.
  • Sea State: Slight.
  • Sea Swell: 3 to 4 feet increasing 4 to 7 feet overnight.
  • Sea Temp: 18

Outlook from 1am Wednesday to 1am Thursday.

  • Forecast: Fair.
  • Wind: Northeast to east 3 to 4.
  • Visibility: Good
  • Sea State: Slight with swell.