Weather - Shipping

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office. .

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office.


Sunny a.m., becoming cloudy p.m.

General Situation

At 1 a.m., ridge over the Channel, expected to drift east. Complex low, 987 mb, just south of Iceland, expected to move eastsoutheast, with associated weakening front affecting the area this afternoon.

Forecast from 7am Sunday to 7am Monday.

  • Forecast: Patchy rain from early afternoon, mostly clearing this evening.
  • Wind: Southwesterly or variable 2 to 4, increasing 4 occasionally 5 in the north by midday, then generally 4 to 5 overnight, occasionally 6 mid-Channel later.
  • Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate to poor by evening.
  • Sea State: Smooth or slight, increasing slight to moderate, occasionally rather rough mid-Channel later.
  • Sea Swell: Not significant.
  • Sea Temp: 11

Outlook from 7am Monday to 7am Tuesday.

  • Forecast: Rain spreading from the west by mid afternoon, clearing in the evening.
  • Wind: Southwest 4 to 5, increasing 6 at times on Monday, veering northwest by evening, decreasing 3 to 4 later.
  • Visibility: Moderate to good, perhaps occasionally poor, becoming good in the evening.
  • Sea State: Moderate to rather rough, with swell developing overnight.