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Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office. .

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office.



General Situation

at midnight, low, 989mb, nearly stationary 500 miles northwest of Ireland. Associated fronts becoming slow moving over the Channel.

Forecast from 7am Saturday to 7am Sunday.

  • Forecast: Periods of rain, locally heavy, becoming more persistent overnight.
  • Wind: Southeast to south 4, locally 5 at first, decreasing 3 to 4 this morning, then 2 or 3 for a time this afternoon, gradually veering north this evening, increasing 4 to 5 overnight.
  • Visibility: Moderate to poor.
  • Sea State: Slight, locally moderate at first and again later tonight.
  • Sea Swell: Not significant.
  • Sea Temp: 14

Outlook from 7am Sunday to 7am Monday.

  • Forecast: Rain, perhaps locally heavy at first, clearing during the evening.
  • Wind: North 4 to 5 increasing 5 to 6, veering northeast decreasing 4 overnight.
  • Visibility: Moderate, occasionally poor at first, becoming good.
  • Sea State: Slight to moderate with swell, becoming moderate to rather rough for a time.