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Boy found hanging suffered neglect

A nine-year-old found hanging in his bedroom had suffered neglect, witnessed domestic abuse and his family had been involved with different agencies for years, a serious case review has found.

Stunt produces horrific reflection

Special mirrors transformed moviegoers into Halloween characters (Pepsi Max/PA)

Pepsi Max has given unsuspecting late-night film audiences a spooky shock for Halloween by morphing their appearances in special mirrors at a London cinema.

Surge in fixed-rate mortgage deals

Mortgage lenders are flooding the market with more fixed-rate products in attempts to lock in home-owners who may be tempted to switch to one of their rivals in the coming months, a financial website has reported.

Child row pair win judge's sympathy

A couple who are fighting to stop their two-year-old son being adopted but cannot afford to pay for lawyers are in a "shocking" predicament, one of Britain's leading judges has said.

Full moons 'linked to animal abuse'

Full moons have long been associated with werewolves, vampires and witchcraft, but now the RSPCA says they could also be linked to a rise in animal abuse.

Police chief faces internal charge

Nick Gargan was investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission

A chief constable will face an internal charge of gross misconduct following claims that he made "inappropriate advances" to female colleagues and leaked internal emails.

X Factor hopefuls face instant axe

Simon Cowell, pictured with his fellow judges, has warned X Factor contestants they need to up their game if they want to continue in the show (Syco/Thames TV/ITV/PA)

X Factor contestants face instant dismissal on tomorrow night's show if they fail to impress viewers in a Halloween elimination twist as the show seeks to boost its fortunes.

Rowling based witch on hated woman

JK Rowling has written on her Pottermore website about the story of Dolores Umbridge

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has returned to the world of her teenage wizard to explain the background of one of her most evil characters.

NHS 'most important to voters'

The NHS is the most important issue for voters in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election, according to a new poll.

ChildLine 'suicidal' calls double

The number of children phoning ChildLine with suicidal feelings has more than doubled in the past three years, the charity has reported.

Proposals to repay £2bn WWI debt

Steps to repay the UK's £2 billion in outstanding First World War debt have been unveiled with plans to redeem bonds dating back to the 18th century.

Praising pupils 'can be harmful'

The Trust says judging the quality of teaching is very difficult

It is often said that a little encouragement goes a long way, but a new study suggests that lavishing praise on pupils is unlikely to help them improve in the classroom.

RBS writes off further £780m

Royal Bank of Scotland wrote off another £780 million for past misconduct today and suggested more pain was to come before taxpayers would see a return on their £46 billion bail-out of the lender.

Plea to confront aid corruption

More must be done to ensure the integrity of aid programmes, it has been argued

The Government is failing to tackle corruption levels in international aid programmes it is funding, an independent watchdog has found.