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Family doctors should look for signs of modern social problems such as cyber-bullying, their professional body says

GPs 'should diagnose social ills'

Family doctors should be on the lookout for signs of radicalisation, trafficking or cyber-bullying in child patients, according to the professional body for GPs.

WW1 coverage 'uniting Britain'

Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on the day of his assassination, the event that triggered the First World War

The commemoration of the First World War has increased the public's knowledge of the conflict and brought people in Britain together, according to research.

'Bike thief' sparks city lockdown

Edinburgh has been sealed off amid reports of a shooting

The target of a major manhunt which locked down part of Edinburgh city centre for several hours was a suspected motorbike thief hiding out on a roof, police have said.

IS hostages 'face waterboarding'

John Cantlie has appeared in the fifth episode of IS propaganda films entitled Lend Me Your Ears

Islamic State (IS) hostage John Cantlie has told how prisoners have been waterboarded for trying to escape in the latest video released by the terror group.

Troops to quit Helmand in days

Prime Minister David Cameron visits Camp Bastion, which will soon be taken over by the Afghans

British troops are to leave Helmand province in the coming days, bringing a key chapter in the 13-year Afghanistan campaign to an end.

Commons tours 'big security risk'

More than a million members of the public enter the Westminster estate every year

An MP has warned that tours of Parliament represent a "big risk" amid reports that Islamic extremists have used them to "scope out" the building.

Merkel blow to PM's border reforms

Prime Minister David Cameron and German chancellor Angela Merkel are at odds over the free movement of workers in the EU

David Cameron's hopes of clawing back control over Britain's borders from the EU have suffered a blow after Angela Merkel spelled out her opposition to fundamental change.

Profit warnings reach six-year high

Profit warnings by UK-listed firms have risen to their highest summer level in six years as more businesses are squeezed by competitive price pressures.

'Record number' in low-paid jobs

The report said there was a serious problem of people being stuck in low-paid jobs

A record five million workers are now in low-paid jobs, according to a new report, sparking calls for Government action to help tackle the problem.

Salmond attacks Labour 'meltdown'

Alex Salmond said "Labour's meltdown in Scotland has been created by Labour in London"

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has accused Ed Miliband of being responsible for the "meltdown" of the Scottish Labour Party after the resignation of its leader Johann Lamont.

Merkel blow to PM's border reforms

Labour is demanding Chancellor George Osborne reveal when he was informed of the EU surcharge

David Cameron's hopes of clawing back control over Britain's borders from the EU have suffered a blow after Angela Merkel spelled out her opposition to fundamental change.

HS2: Phase two plans to be outlined

A hub station in Crewe is expected to be part of the second stage of the HS2 scheme

The city of Stoke-on-Trent is expected to miss out when the head of the £50 billion HS2 project outlines plans for phase two of the high-speed rail scheme next week.

'Posh flower pot' sold for £560,000

Antiques Roadshow host Fiona Bruce meets the owner of valuable ornament which originally appeared on the show 20 years ago

A "posh flower pot" that had been used as a goal post and then valued at £10,000 on The Antiques Roadshow has sold for more than half a million pounds.

£125m rescue package for Monarch

Monarch Airlines has agreed a rescue deal which will see an investment firm pumping more than £100 million into the company, but also involves pay cuts of up to 30% for staff and hundreds of redundancies.

Miliband will win election - Blair

Tony Blair says Ed Miliband will win the general election

Tony Blair has insisted Ed Miliband "can and will" win the general election after reports that he had expressed doubts at a private meeting.