Could the Muratti date be changed?

THE Insurance Corporation Muratti Vase final date is likely to be changed if Guernsey FC reach this season’s FA Vase final – but for no other reason.

The annual fixture is always a big crowd puller
The annual fixture is always a big crowd puller

THE Insurance Corporation Muratti Vase final date is likely to be changed if Guernsey FC reach this season’s FA Vase final – but for no other reason.

The Muratti final is in Guernsey on Sunday 5 May, just 24 hours after the FA Vase final is played at Wembley Stadium.

But the Combined Counties Premier Division fixture pile-up being experienced by Guernsey’s top club side – who provide the vast bulk of the island side – will not have a bearing on the finale to the annual tournament between the FAs of Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney.

Full reaction in today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Could the Muratti date be changed?"


In my living memory the greatest Muratti games were always played on MAY 9th..A day for which all of us Jersey born and raised minority hold in higher regard than Labour day..Surely the Bailiffs of both rocks should give their Liberation Day monologues at eaches respective stadia as a pre-game warm up and rallying call for both sets of players..Their wise and devout words will whip the fans up to fever pitch ensure supreme patriotic fervour and that come kick-off time nothing less than blood sweat toil and tears from the players will suffice..All for the glory of an end of game handshake from the esteemed dignataries of the Jersey establishment in their robes and regalia and to add a common touch perhaps a representative of the Council of Ministers would also grace the stadium for a cameo appearance to boot(sic)..


The FA Vase Final at Wembley Stadium! Wow, how exciting would that be for Guernsey, congratulations to them.

However, it highlights the demise of football in Jersey. When Guernsey joined the leagues, we had to follow otherwise we'd end up in the wilderness. But no, the JFA knows better, they believe that triangular tournaments against Gibralter and IOW are far more productive and appealing. I knew this would happen, the Muratti will eventually disappear because Guernsey will have bigger fish to fry, either that or they will enter reserve teams.

As a passionate Jerseyman, and a passionate football fan, I can't even start to tell you just how angry I am towards the JFA. I can't decide if they are idiots, arrogant, or totally dishonest, because the course of action they are taking is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! We desperately need a wealthy individual who will take them on, and initially finance a Jersey FC. The support will be huge, I know it will, and the JFA will crumble, which would be the best thing to happen to football in Jersey for a very long time


I think the Muratti's days are numbered. The future for Jersey-Guernsey clashes are proper league games, FA Cup, FA Vase, or FA Trophy matches.

Can somebody from Jersey's Football Association please explain why they refuse to enter the leagues like Guernsey have?

You are destroying football in this island, and you appear to be the only ones not to see it!


It won't be long before all the best players in Jersey will sign for Guernsey FC anyway, as that will provide them with a higher standard of football

If Jersey refuse to join the leagues, the Muratti will be dead soon


I think Guernsey are still 2 or 3 rounds away from Wembley but yes, what an achievement that would be for them.

I see that GFC regularly get crowds of 1,000 plus, which dwarfs those of other teams in their division by at least 5 times. Serious question - could Jersey really sustain a league team in England and draw in similar crowds? Given that the island has a very well supported and successful rugby team I'm not so sure. My impression is that Jersey isn't really interested in football. Would like to think I'm very wrong but why haven't the JFA followed Guernsey's lead? They must have their reasons!!

Mark Steer

Don't get me started on the JFA!

They clearly have their reasons for not joining the leagues, however I think the decision is governed by self interest

They have got this horribly wrong, but they are too arrogant to admit it, and will continue to drive Jersey football into the ground, purely out of principle.

By the time we get round to it, Guernsey will be 4 divisions ahead of us and pinching our best players

Perhaps somebody from the JFA would like to respond to all these comments. How can they possibly think that playing against the Isle of Man is more exciting than reaching Wembley for an FA Vase Final

Absolute disgrace


Interesting discussion.

I'm not sure if Jersey FA are actively discouraging the formation of a Jersey FC or not. The problem is that Guernsey have forced our hand, there's no future playing little islands and attempting to be another Faroes at International level

There are many wealthy people here, and even ex-chairmen like Murray and Wilde, so I'm sure it wouldn't be like moving a mountain to get the ball rolling

If Jersey FA would oppose that, or try to stop it, then they would seriously need to explain their actions


Guernsey FC is a hugely hugely expensive project backed by a large company over there. They are committed to sponsor for a set period and have just been taken over so if it continues after that is very up in the air in which case the project is doomed. If we do it also it should be a sustainable model not based entirely on one company piling money in

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