Jersey steps up fight for international football


JERSEY FA legal advisers have won the right to call president Phil Austin to the stand at the Court of Arbitration for Sport as they attempt to overturn their Uefa rejection.

Austin will appear at a CAS hearing in Lausanne on Wednesday to continue the Island’s bid for international football, although the decision to nominate him for questioning was not welcomed by the European governing body.

Uefa’s executive committee binned Jersey’s application last year on the grounds of independency, but JFA officials argue their case should at least be considered by the 55 existing member nations.

If CAS rule in Jersey’s favour, Uefa will be forced to add the issue to their agenda for the 2018 Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia.

‘I met our legal team in London to talk through some issues and we’ve agreed that I will be called as a witness,’ said Austin.

‘Uefa aren’t happy about it, but CAS have agreed that I can be called and questioned.’

Austin admitted the JFA’s attempts to outmuscle the opposition will be tough, but has reaffirmed his trust in the legal team chosen.

‘They [Uefa] have a lot of resources to throw at this and I expect it to be very difficult for us,’ he said.

‘But our lawyers do think we’re in with a chance.

‘It’s like a game of football – it’s about what happens on the day really. And while I understand the legal argument I’ve no idea how it will play out.

‘If CAS say we haven’t got a case it could be pretty final for us, but a lot will depend on not just what they say but how they say it. They could leave doors open to us [in the final judgement], but we’ll only know that when we receive a response.’

With CAS officials having up to three months to release their findings an official result is not expected imminently.

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Comments for: "Jersey steps up fight for international football"

Grass roots

The JFA are in a shambles, they should concentrate on the mess over here at grass root level before wasting time and resources on international football. There needs to be changes at the top.

Mickey Mouth

What a waste of time and money. Even if they do get international status this will just mean tax payers money will be thrown at a team that no other international side will want to waste their time/resources playing. There is the Toy Town Olympics (currently being held in Gotland) for teams like Jersey.